Lifestyle · April 20, 2021

What Types of Videos Can You Use For Business Promotion in Melbourne?

According to reports, video marketing campaigns are 50% more effective than other marketing methods. Melbourne is currently home to around 1.88 million households, and the number is expected to grow to around 2.4 million by 2036. If your brand has its base in Melbourne videography would be the best strategy to work with an experienced digital marketing agency

Video marketing agencies that help businesses launch and run marketing campaigns for target customers in the city will have a good understanding of Melbourne customer’s likes and dislikes. There are different types of videos that you can use to attract prospective leads and convert them into customers.

Unboxing Videos

Reports show that 1 in 5 people searching for details of a product online watch unboxing videos before choosing the final product. Unboxing videos involve unpacking a product to show customers what is in the package, how it is packed, and what accessories come with the product. The product reviewer then goes on to give detailed video descriptions of the product. 

Review Videos

In review videos, the product reviewer gives detailed video reviews of the product. Most reviews revolve around the features and functionalities of the product. The reviewer talks about whether the product does offer the features that the brand promised.

The reviewer also rates the product and gives prospective customers a good idea of what to expect from the product. Reviewers often compare similar products offered by different brands feature by feature ranks the product based on each feature.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are beneficial for brands that offer services and don’t have a tangible product to showcase. Testimonial videos are posted by customers who are satisfied with the products and services provided by the brand. The customer gives a video description of how the product or service added value to their lives and why they would recommend it to fellow customers.

According to the most recent statistics, having testimonial videos on the homepage or other prominent pages of the brand’s website will boosts network traffic by up to 34%. Testimonial videos are also effective lead generation and sales generation.

Instructional Videos

Melbourne has an affluent economy where only 9.6% of the total population lives below the poverty line. If you are a Melbourne entrepreneur who sells a product or service, you could include instruction videos for your product on your webpage. Instruction videos educate customers on how a product should be used. The video could be about how one should assemble the product and how one should use the product.

Advertisement Videos

Over 93% of internet users watch at least one video advertisement every day. A crisp advertisement video that showcases your product’s benefits can motivate your potential customers to invest in your products and services—Video advertisements are the best way to market a product online.

Videos are Influential

According to reports, Melbourne saw a 2.10% increase in business entry rate in 2020. A tailored, impactful video that features your brand and what it stands for is the best tool to attract prospective customers. Working with a digital marketing expert who is versed with the intricacies of Melbourne videography can help enhance the success rate of your business.