Computer & Internet · April 20, 2021

How to download Instagram photos

Every day, Instagram’s over one million users upload over 100 million images. If you’re one of the billion, you’ve always wished you could still download files. The positive news is that you most certainly will.

If you took a screenshot with the Instagram in-app camera and it did not save a copy to your computer, or you removed the original picture unintentionally (or — gasp — your phone was stolen) and the only copy remaining is the one you shared on Instagram, recovering images from Instagram is easy.

Instagram has a downloader app that enables you to download all of your data — like images — in a single operation. To provide you with choices, we’ll walk you through Instagram’s official procedure for uploading your content before digging into other methods, which involve bookmarking, utilizing screenshots, and using third-party software.

Until you go any further, keep in mind that you can value other users’ images — just because you may download a picture does not suggest you can if it is not yours. Certain users can exchange photos intended to be stored as decoration, however if this is unclear, it’s a good idea to inquire before downloading. Instagram’s copyright policy is comprehensive.

If you choose to save a couple of your favorite Instagram shots, it’s better said than done. Since there is no native option for downloading other people’s photos from Instagram, you’ll need to use third-party apps. Here are two ways to experiment with on both Android and Windows-based smartphones.

The first approach is ideal for novice users since it helps you to import Instagram photos one by one without requiring any additional tools. The second form, on the other hand, includes an Android or Windows app and is a safer option if you want to download a large number of files. Let us begin, shall we?

The page that was used to import Instagram photos to an Android smartphone can also be used to download images to your PC. Even further, the method is just as straightforward. Here’s a brief reminder of the measures to take:

Navigate to the Instagram platform and locate the screenshot you want to download.

  1. To access a few choices, click the “…” icon (three horizontal dots).
  2. Select “Go to post” and then copy the page’s URL.
  3. website can be found at
  4. Copy the connection and paste it into the text window.
  5. Select “Download,” then “Download picture.”
  6. As an alternative, save photos on Instagram.

If what you want to do is bookmark photos for later viewing, there is no need to import them to your browser — you can just bookmark the ones you want.

The whole procedure is much simpler than the processes described previously. You can access any picture you like with a single click. The following are the steps:

On your mobile, open Instagram and locate the picture you want to download.

To bookmark a picture, tap the bookmark button beneath it.

To view all saved files, navigate to your profile, tap the menu icon in the top-right corner, and then pick “Saved.”

Additionally, you can import all of your own pictures from the settings tab. Simply navigate to Settings, Account, and Original Images. A toggle menu for Saving Original Photos is located here. Set it to On, and your phone will save a copy of each picture you share automatically.