Technology · June 25, 2019

Parental Control App Helps Parents to Track Child’s Activity

Are you tired of your kid’s adventurous habits? Do you often panic when they miss your phone call?  To help you stay stress-free, we will focus on tracking apps offering a method to track kids’ activity on mobile.

The digital world is crowded with positive and negative content. While there are interesting and educative websites, there exists content which is inappropriate for kids. Sexual content is the most dangerous content that parents dread immensely because children often stumble into such adult websites and give in to their curiosity. 

If parents have access to a smart app with excellent tracking mechanisms, parents can lead a tension-free life. So, let’s find out.

Why Do Kid’s Need for Parental Control Software?

Play along with us.

You are away on a trip and as decided your kid was supposed to stay home for the day but plans changed. All of sudden, you get a call from a friend’s parent that your kid met with an accident in another neighborhood. 

It is always comforting to track kids’ whereabouts. And, keeping yourself up-to-date with your kids, digital and non-digital activities offers peace of mind. So, how can we track kids’ activity on mobile? 

Parental control apps solve the problem of losing sight of kids and at the same time, provides tools and techniques to get rid of mobile addiction. 

If you are serious about your kids, digital, and physical safety, try the  Bit Guardian Parental Control App. Confirm and track kids’ whereabouts on-the-go. Stay tension free when the app blocks all suspicious callers. 

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a popular Android tracking app with many benefits. Let’s explore them one by one.

Benefits of Bit Guardian Parental Control App

The phone tracking app is a versatile parental control with several core digital parenting features for Android users. Besides excellent tracking, it offers ample of restrictions on the phone.

Here is a list of top benefits one can achieve from the parental control app:

  1.   Track the WhereaboutsBit Guardian Parental Control’s GPS finder is famous for tracking kids’ location. Many parents have reported that the position is nearly accurate and benefits them when kids are on a trip or camping in the wild. 

Today’s generation is always on the run to explore more and enjoy many experiences. In such a case, it is advisable to let them free but track their activities at all times.

  1.   Restrict Inappropriate Apps– It is upsetting and sad to see the condition of child-centric content. Indecent and obscene contents dominate most of the kid-friendly platforms. Even the display ads show sexual content, which is highly objectionable at their age. 
  1.   Block Unnecessary Callers– Many incoming and outgoing callers are frauds or bullies. Often strangers target kids on their cell phone and harass them continuously. It may be hard to track all callers, but blocking suspicious numbers can be done quickly.
  1. Track Stolen Phone- Your kid may be clumsy and misplace the phone accidentally. Not that adults don’t make such mistakes, but the probability of carelessness is slightly higher with children. So, the best way to handle such errors is by tracking the device when it is stolen. 
  1. Limit Screen Time – If your kid is a gadget addict and spends additional time on the device, then you may want to limit the hours on the device by setting screen time. Simply outline a time frame when your kid needs to perform an essential task like complete their daily assignment and deactivate the device for that period.
  1.   Reduce Indecent Apps– Firstly, indecent, and unsuitable apps do exist. And secondly, there is a brilliant way to get rid of such apps. Either challenge your kid’s addiction by blocking the app or set time frame for specific apps. If your kid is a game freak, then allow only 1 hour in the day to access the app without your screaming.
  1.   Track Over Speeding– Most parents fail to be around kids when they are over speeding on bikes or racing for the sake of adrenaline rush. As parents, it is still your responsibility to track their road rage habits. If you happen to use the Bit Guardian Parental Control app, then you can execute it efficiently. Simply, set a speed limit. If your kid exceeds the limit immediately receive a buzz on your phone.
  1.   Monitor Kids Location – GPS-enabled tools in the app are not limited to location finding and tracking stolen devices. The app helps parents to track kids by offering the best-in-class Geofencing tool to track kids’ entry and exit into a virtual boundary marked by parents.

Android market is oozing with a variety of child tracking apps and apps that help parents to track a child’s online activities. However, some of these apps are unnecessarily complicated and not friendly for the users.

It is advisable to use the easy to use and user-friendly Bit Guardian Parental Control app for tracking your naughty kids and staying up-to-date with their whereabouts.