Health and Fitness · April 6, 2021

Beginners’ Guide to Yoga


Yoga can be the best way of battling stress and overcoming problems we face with lifestyle changes. 

Things like consumption of unhealthy food, lack of bodily exercise, working extended hours, dependence on technology like smartphones, etc., can cause problems in our day-to-day lives. Yoga can be the remedy for them.

Yoga is also being sought after as an alternative therapy for numerous mental and physical illnesses. Besides, amid the COVID-19 lockdown, when people are on the brink of losing their mind due to boredom and lack of physical activity, yoga can be a great relief.

How to begin yoga at home? The below tips from this article – beginner’s guide to yoga – will help you practice yoga at home for the best outcome.

1- Find a good yoga instructor

Howsoever intuitive it may look, yoga is a practice that is intricate, gradually growing complex, and needing dedication. Hence, working only on a few learned steps like focusing on your breathing or sitting in a certain position may not be the right way to begin yoga at all. 

As with any practice which requires gradual development of skills, learning yoga also needs a good instructor who will get you started well. If you are planning to practice yoga at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, then YouTube can be a reliable source for learning yoga. 

2- Stay away from things that bother you

If you have decided to seek the therapeutic benefits of yoga, then as necessary measures, you have to keep certain things at bay. Things like digital detox and cutting down on mood alterants like alcohol are regarded as important behavioral modifications and practicing yoga. 

In short, any kind of sensory indulgence can distract you more and affect your health even more. Here yoga may work in reversing the problems only if you do not add to them any further. 

3- Have a well-balanced life

It is important for someone practicing yoga to maintain a balanced life. Besides yoga, eating a healthy and especially vegetarian diet, always being involved in some activity, etc., are important. They work great alongside the miraculous healing power of yoga. 

Reading books, learning a musical instrument, and getting some physical exercise regularly will work in coherence and give you the best results in no time. 

4- Avoid common mistakes that most beginners make

It is very easy for newcomers practicing yoga to get distracted. People often get demoralized within a few sessions of yoga and completely give up on them. Remember that it does take some time for the healing effects of yoga to set in. 

On the other hand, yoga’s overall lifestyle changes and dedicated practice can make someone feel energized and filled with positive energy. It, too, could be a reason for some people to lose focus. 


Yoga is the best and the most natural method of healing the mind and body. If done properly, it can have wonderful results. In this guide, you have learned the things to avoid or practice alongside yoga to get the best results in the shortest period.