Technology · April 21, 2021

How To Increase Customer Retention With Web Push Notifications


Customer retention is important for any successful business strategy. Returning customers not only bring a higher conversion rate, but they are also more likely to recommend your company to others. Getting existing customers to return is not easy, but you may use many marketing practices and tools to retain customers for your brand.

Push notifications are one of the most effective ways to help you bring back visitors to your website. As studies show, push notifications may be used to retain 5% of users and increase conversation rates by around 30%.

Let’s explore a few ways how push notifications can help boost customer retention and engagement.

  • Use the opt-in message in the right way

The opt-in message is very important for retaining visitors from the moment they land on your website. You need to let visitors know what kind of push notifications they can expect to receive once they opt-in; news, announcements, blog posts, offers, etc.

Look at the pages where you think users wouldn’t like to be disturbed and make your opt-in strategy more relevant and targeted to your visitors. Also, make sure to give a first positive impression to your customers by sending them a warm welcome message as they opt-in. Customizable opt-in prompt is a great feature available to all SmartPush users to engage them more effectively to take action.

  • Segment your subscribers

You can incredibly increase your customer retention by sending push notifications that are targeted to specific groups of people. Messages that are targeted based on user behavior, preferences, purchase history, location, and other categories are more effective and drive higher CTR than campaigns sent to all users. 

SmartPush allows you to segment your users according to multiple criteria and get better results for each target group. With customized segments, you can craft push notifications that are tailored to the needs and interests of each audience to reach higher engagement.

  • Make your messages engaging

Create push notifications that are well-written and catch the user’s attention. Use the right words and call to action to make content that is compelling and connects with your customers.

Composing rich push notifications with SmartPush is easy. SmartPush offers various features to customize your message templates with your app style, icons, and emojis. If you want to achieve better click-through rates, add images to your messages as push notifications sent with images lead to a 9% higher CTR than campaigns sent without images.

  • Add personalization to your push notifications

Push notifications with personalized content can significantly increase customer retention. With SmartPush, it’s possible to get instant insights about your users and customize your message according to their preferences. Add more value to your content by making it more relevant and personalized to your customers. Sending personalized push notifications will help you better connect with your customers and boost retention.

  • Choose the right timing and frequency

Push notifications are most effective when they are sent at the right time and frequency. The frequency of the push notifications you send depends on your industry, audience, initial purpose, etc. Unless you are a media website, you don’t need to send notifications daily. The goal is to reach your users with something special and personal that they find more relevant and engaging. So you need to follow a proper plan and try different frequencies to find out which works best for your customers.

Timing is also important when sending out push notifications. Make sure to schedule your notifications in line with the geographical location and time zone of your users. With SmartPush, you may create multiple campaigns and segment them according to the user’s time. You may also use SmartPush’s advanced analytics tool to get rich statistics on the days that users are most active and most likely to engage with your website/app.