Digital marketing · December 5, 2019

21 Awesome Social Media Marketing Ideas for Contractors

21 social media-marketing posts for contractors

That’s how Contractors should be doing Social Media Marketing

What do you think, who all are the backbone of the construction industry? Yes, the contractors! The ones who are slogging the hardest to erect a dream project. Also, the ones who find it hard to secure their money even after having construction lien rights for them. So, how the contractors with their hectic schedules can market themselves online! Is marketing on Social Media for general contractors helpful? In this article, we bring you Social media marketing ideas for contractors that can help them in the long run. This article will also help those looking for answers to queries like: How can I promote my construction company on social media? Or, how do I market my contractor?

What are the best marketing strategies for contractors on Social Media?

A contractor earns its stripes for the quality of work he delivers. The digital marketing for contractors is not that easy because of their on-field jobs. All a contractor can do to promote itself online is through Social media. It seems quite basic, but it isn’t, especially when there are competitors around. We have tried simplifying online marketing for contractors on social media here. For beginners, social media posts, be it for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook, are classified into three types:

  • Educational
  • Inspirational
  • Entertaining

Based on these three factors, any construction company or contractors’ Inc should do Social Media Management. Check out 21 awesome social media marketing ideas based on best marketing strategies for contractors:

1. How are you doing Work/Life Balance?

Usually, people think a contractor doesn’t have a life beyond his work. Well, showing the world that you work hard and can party harder will bring you closer to your audience, and they will relate to it. Posts on how one can achieve a work/life balance will help not only your community but also others. These types of posts are the best for LinkedIn marketing.

2. Flaunt your Company’s Heroes

Your contractor is not just a worker who is slogging hard. He/She may have many exciting facets to their personality. Flaunt it on Social Media and make them know and feel appreciated for what they are doing besides their jobs. Life is not only about work!

3. Share Company Values

You have built your construction company on values. Why not create posts on these values and make it a recurring theme? Your company’s values have an impact on your clients/customers. Click a picture from the job site, when a project is over, and tag it along with one of your company’s values. Another excellent example of a LinkedIn marketing post.

4. Have a Field Day

Contractors, subcontractors, and laborers are team accomplishing tasks every day so that the building is constructed fast. Posting a video or a picture from the field will give a human touch to your brand. Also, the process of construction is fascinating for many, especially with those cranes and JCBs at work.

5. Paving the way for the New Generation

Once a year, you can do a career fair where the experts can teach the youngsters about the basics of construction and its other aspects. Team up with a few universities and colleges for the event. Sharing career knowledge with the new generation makes for a thought-provoking post and also helps in building your brand identity. Posts like these are fantastic for Facebook marketing.

6. Team Building

Do you think without the teamwork, construction is possible! Hell, no! Your team is your strength. Post the pictures of team building activities from the office on social media. A happy team is a sign of healthy work culture.

7. Safety is Important

People in construction take Safety with utmost care and importance. Celebrations around Safety Day and Week are planned months ago. Some contractors even conduct workshops on Safety. Let others know what you do when the subject is as important as Safety.

8. Celebrate your Subs and other Technicians

Another great idea to do social media for construction contractors is praising and showing your valued sub. Post a picture of your sub-contractor with kind words and let them know how special they are. Also, you can dedicate a week or a month to your subs and other junior-level workers.

9. Insightful exciting Industry News

We understand, these days, news bytes and articles can be very detrimental. But, not always. Post any positive news on your social media, related to the industry. It can be anything funny or motivating. You can even use recent studies and interesting data.

10. Show Your Company’s History

Showing off the glorious starting days, the struggle of your company in pictures makes for an impressive social media marketing idea for Contractors’ Inc. Dig your memories or ask your family members to get a good collection of photos of old times, when it all began. People relate more to rags-to-riches stories.

11. Post something FUN

Funny and Amusing posts have their way to the heart. Make someone smile today. These days humorous memes are everywhere, but comic creatives related to the construction industry are few. Why not you make out one? Instagram marketing needs this kind of witty posts.

12. Promote your Awards and Recognition’s

Promoting your awards and recognition’s on social media platforms is a great way to showcase the construction company’s credibility. A shout out to the winners and achievers who have helped in getting awards and recognition’s is a must.

13. Food Posts

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”- Ruth Reichl. Food is an excellent reason for everyone to get connected. Post photos of team lunches, outings or some social event related to charity on Instagram or Twitter. A family that eats together stays together, isn’t it! The same holds true for a team.

14. Family Photos

How cliched, you may think! But let us tell you, photos of your team members with their families makes for a hit Social Media post. And, the reason is showing the personal photos of the people, who are working for you, helps the clients to rely on you. Happy team members give your construction brand positive vibes.

15. Stand for Women in Construction Industry

Nowadays, more and more women are entering the construction industry. How your construction company supports women’s workforce will make you stand apart. Posts on women empowerment click with all.

16. Show Construction Progress

Every time you accomplish a project, it’s everywhere. But showing the progression of a construction project is also very important. How hard your core team has worked on it should also found a place on your construction social media strategy.

17. Show off Google Reviews

Google reviews matter a lot these days. People who are looking out for any construction services first visit Google, and they trust companies with excellent track-record of google reviews, which means clients and customers have loved their work. SunRay Construction Solutions – A National Construction Documents Service company — makes Google reviews into Social Media posts, thanking the clients.

18. Post about an Eventful Day

All the contractors and construction companies are a part of organizations like AGC and others. If you are attending AGC events or local Chamber of Commerce get-togethers, don’t forget to post about it. It just reflects that you know who’s who in the construction business.

19. “Do you know?” Posts

Posting entertaining anecdotes and “Do You Know?” information related to construction and history is always a good option. People are interested in reading about this, and this also piques their interest on your social media page. Next time, they will wait for your post to gain knowledge.

20. Support a Cause

If your company stands for a cause, it means it has the mettle to do it. It can be charity or help to the community at the time of natural crisis or economic crisis. You can even choose to post on a controversial issue if you believe in it. Stand for what you believe in firmly.

21. Narrate a Story

Readers crave for stories more than the information. So do tell a story from the job site or from the office. It can be inspirational or entertaining. You may even choose stories on friendship and office relationships. Connect with your audience through what you have gone through and cherish. After going through this article

— 21 Awesome Social Media Marketing Ideas for Contractors — you must have understood that Social Media Marketing for construction companies is no different than doing it for contractors. Promoting your construction company in all social media platforms helps in building brand identity. For any questions on how to do contractor marketing, come to us at CMGurus. We provide construction marketing and branding services to help you out with your construction business’ growth.