What should you keep in mind when applying for a scholarship in Malaysia?

What should you keep in mind when applying for a scholarship in Malaysia?

Seven things to keep in mind if you are going to apply for a scholarship in Malaysia :

  1.     Be patient

Rome was not built in a day, there are many candidates who need to apply therefore you have to prepare well. Keep a calm mind and keep progressing towards your goal day by day. Maintain a positive attitude without getting stressed.

  1.     Be confident

Excelling in your academics is not easy but it’s not impossible. Your limitations are not the end of your story. Work hard and encourage yourself that there are many excellent scholarships like Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship Malaysia that can waive your tuition fees up to a whopping 80 percent. If you are an excellent candidate be assured that there will be a possibility everywhere for you.

  1.     Pay attention to your strengths

Failure is a myth that needs not to be looked into if you want to progress ahead in life. Therefore, keep your chin up and apply to every institute and university that you like. Even if they reject you there are institutes that have 3 months per cycle totaling 4 cycles in a year so you can keep applying in these places to see that you have the best chance.

  1.     Be determined to get in

People who have the gift of self-efficacy are generally very successful. Be smart and make most of the opportunities around you. Always enquire the previous year’s successful applicants as to the details of the process they underwent to acquire the scholarship.

  1.     Move from Disadvantage to Advantage

Often in life, we don’t get to decide the financial background we take birth in, therefore excellence in education or sports should not be hindered by our family incomes. Society benefits largely because of engineers, doctors, academics, nurses, lawyers, and scientists. But if we face a dearth of these professionals due to high expensive education, we will be at loss. Let your limitations encourage you to become someone that society needs.

  1.     Pay it Forward

The scholarship is not just a duty of philanthropy but it has the possibility for encouragement like no other. Various organizations provide scholarships for international students to enable meritorious students to gain access to excellent education in turn inspiring them to become the brilliant minds the world often needs. It increases gratitude in the hearts of those who receive it and they make most of it. We never know that financial aids given away may bring another CEO or Chairman who will carry on the cycle of introducing more such scholarships through their future ventures.

  1.     Be humble and make friends

Keep a mindset of curiosity rather than entitlement. Scholarships open you up to a world of new people, who have passed out of the institute before you and were under the same scholarship program. You can gain valuable insights from them as they share the same academic qualification. As you pass out of your course you can rest assured that there will be someone in your academic field who can help you get inside the industry and gain the experience and expertise you need. Networking also gives birth to valuable friendships that enable you to walk into better professional dimensions.


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