Why invest in Bing advertisement

Why invest in Bing advertisement

If you are a digital marketing expert, you must have invested in Google ads for your projects. Investing in Google ads is worth for overwhelming results. There are other platforms; you can expect a result from that too with low investment. Apart from the monetary point, there are other factors that make Bing advertising just perfect.

Let’s get started with the basic information first. Bing is a search engine with global ranking third after Google and Yahoo, the origin of which lies in Microsoft. With 63 million reaches, Bing ads expert believe, running ads here is not a bad idea. Such a figure is hard to achieve even on AdWords.

Here are other reasons to justify that investing in Bing advertisement is worth it.

  • Less competition and cheaper option

You can cut 1/3th of your investment as compare to AdWords as there is less competition here. Bidding on other Giant platform is not cheaper as on Bing. Small and medium-sized, or who just want to kick start their business consider advertising on Bing, as in low investment, you can get significant growth.

No matter what platform you chose to set your brand in the market. Once users recognize you, your job becomes easy. No other platform is cheaper than Bing to get started.

  • Keywords

On any search engine, keywords are vital. Choosing the right set of keywords is very important to increase reach. As you want to add a unique audience in your conversion funnel, keywords can help.

Keywords are the bridge that connects the user to your business, for instance, if a person wants to know a bakery shop near her, probably the used keywords be-bakery shop near me. You can make your keywords too if you feel it is relevant.

  • Better ROI

Google AdWords is a platform where you can have volume/traffic for searches. If you want a return on investment, Bing is the right place. With all the same features like that of AdWords, if you can have better ROI, nothing is wrong in that then.

  • Easy campaign setup

If you have ever worked in Google AdWords, this is a cakewalk for you. The setting campaign here super simple and you can also import Google ad campaign here, so you don’t need to make separate campaign.

  • Deeper mobile targeting

Here you get deeper options for mobile targeting, unlike AdWords where you can just choose the device. In Bing, you can go deeper by mentioning the type and operating system of mobile. If your demography has a similar type of mobile, targeting could be easy. You can show them ads related to their devices, like headphone, or other related accessories.


Any business that wants to fly high later has to take baby steps for a successful flight.  You may have tried Google AdWords but has not achieved much. Maybe, Bing ads could be a baby step for you.

After trying Facebook ads, Google ads, and other social media ads, Bing ads deserve a chance, nobody knows if you can win here and gain confidence for further plans.

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