Top 5 Garden Ideas to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Top 5 Garden Ideas to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to home, it’s not just the inside that counts. Remember you still have a front lawn and a backyard to conserve. Keeping them empty and dull is a way of wasting your own spaces. In fact, not every home is blessed with an outdoor extension for garden improvement.

Both home and garden share an intense relation to each other. To be more precise, gardens are maintained to enhance the overall aesthetic value of a residential house. So, instead of leaving the yards blank, try accenting them with natural elements, from fauna and flora to stoneworks and water features that will create an instantly inviting space for visitors.    

Although, having a garden at home is not just about getting the attention of your neighbors but also gives a restful retreat for you and the whole family. Moreover, some of the many benefits include:

  • Enjoying the fresh air and maintaining a healthy life
  • Giving instant access to fresh produce
  • Keeping the property boundary
  • Providing enjoyment advantage for the gardener
  • Increasing house economic status and value

Now, let these outdoor design ideas inspire you to create a blissful garden at home.     

Topiary-lined Pathway

Give your visitors the warmest welcome with a round topiary-lined pathway that comes in straight, curvey, or zigzag paths from the gate across your doorstep. Topiaries are very popular that it became a staple element in New England landscaping. Their clearly defined shapes can add style, trend, and fascination to any landscape design like no other ordinary shrubs can do. Add complementary pebbles to create a landscape-wise structure.  

An Overflowing Centerpiece

Every landscape must have a compelling centerpiece, something that will catch your eye while scanning the entire field. The spilled flower pots are a comical and humorous trend in garden decors these days. Such an easy concept to use that it will only require a pot (a wine barrel or a tin bucket) and some fast-growing flower vines that can give an impression of a “spill” by placing the pot on an elevated area such as yards and fences while arranging flowers that go straight into the lawn.

Repurposed Bicycle

Got some old bikes layering around? Instead of throwing them away, transform those broken bikes into something worthwhile like a bicycle planter stand for a more creative garden idea. This is another trend that adds some whimsical charm to your outdoor space. There are several ways to decorate a bicycle planter but the best one for me is by adding basket-filled flowers over both wheels. Some may even hang it on a picket fence or curl it up on a post.

Climbing Vines

Garden gates can do so much more than just dividing properties. Besides, it can play such roles as a centerpiece of a home and a grand entrance for everyone. Designing gates with climbing vines can be overrated but never too musty for a chic garden idea. Take note that not all vines are natural climbers so choose the right vines to decorate. Samples of climbing vines are morning glory (the best flowering vine), clematis, bougainvillea (the best climbing vine), wisteria, and moonflower.

Multi-level Patio

Saving the best idea for the last spot, a multi-level patio is an impressive outdoor extension at home. Imagine stepping out the door with this area where you can lay back, relax, and enjoy watching every detail of your yard from the wooden and stoneworks to patio sofas and (of course) the greenery vibe around you. Western Sydney home builders surely have an eye for this masterpiece. Come, visit their site to have your ideal garden at home.   

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