Medical · October 9, 2019

High risk pregnancy in Pune

Though we differentiate low risk and High risk pregnancy specialist in Pune, any time low risk case can turn to high risk. And there is no term like NO RISK. So Dr Madhuri feels best way to deal with this unpredictable nature of pregnancy is to focus on prevention of complications as far as possible by diet restrictions and exercise.

She prefers to be always alert for any onset of complications and make her patient also educate equally so that complications can be detected at early stage if at all coming. But still few complications are unavoidable in few patients and there comes role of Dr Madhuri’s vast experience to tackle these complications.

She also believes in team work with her other speciality colleagues whenever case demands, so that patient gets maximum benefit. She is expert in handling high risk pregnancy like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, placenta previa, oligohydroamnios(less water level), IUGR( less growth of baby)PROM( early water leakage), Preterm labour pains( early labour pains) Etc.