Shopping · October 10, 2019

How To Buy A Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend Within Budget?

Gifts are your way of showing concern and love for your loved ones. But at the same time, you also do not want to burn a hole in your pocket by buying expensive gifts for your loved ones. And if you happen to be a student in college or have just started a job you would want to give gifts that are pocket-friendly. But finding good gifts for girlfriend on her birthday that are budget-friendly can be difficult sometimes. So here are some perfect gifts for your girlfriend under 500 rupees that will win her heart after receiving them.

Personalized cushion

These are budget-friendly gifts on which you could give a personal touch. These throw pillows add charm to home décor as well as could become a symbol of your love. You could personalize these cushions by adding your girlfriend’s photograph or love messages. These are available in different fabrics and sizes depending on your choice of cushion.

Greeting cards

These could be like a love letter to your girlfriend. This gift will surely touch her heart and make her extremely happy. Greeting cards come in the glossy paper which you could customize with a photo of your girlfriend. These could express your love and concern for her and how important they are in your life. Words can work like magic and strengthen the bond of love between you two.


This sweet gift from your heart to her will win her over. Personalized chocolate is handmade and is of premium quality where you could customize the cover of the chocolate of your choice. Imagine the joy on her face when she sees the personalized cover on her favorite chocolate bar. One could choose a chocolate from different brands available in the market.

Personalized notebook

If your girlfriend happens to be someone who is an aspiring writer or likes to maintain a journal this could be the perfect gift for her. You could customize the cover of the notebook to add a personal touch to your gift. These are available in two sizes and have 50 pages in it. Your girlfriend will love this present as they can see that you support them in their dreams or hobbies. These could be ideal gifts for a girlfriend on her birthday.


These are the perfect birthday gift for girlfriends who like to enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea. You could customize these ceramic mugs with a love message or quotes that define your relationship. These customize pocket-friendly gifts would add more meaning to this simple gift and make them special for your girlfriend. Every time she uses this gift in the morning or evening to have her favorite beverage she will think of you.

Gifts are more meaningful to the receiver when they are given from the heart. an online website will help you find your perfect gift for your girlfriend in your budget. They offer quality product and even handle last-minute delivery for you right at your doorstep. They have an impressive range of products that will surely steal your girlfriend’s heart. So take advantage of these quality products and impress your girlfriend today with a surprise gift from you.