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Good red wine brands in India under 1000

This red mysterious liquid made out of grapes makes us drool even at the idea of it. This is what most of our Saturday nights are fashioned of and of course, a little bit of dancing and a lot of laughter. Particularly in a country like India, where wine is not honored as much as vodka, whiskey, and other beverage, we still bring you the brands that are managing the Indian red wine sector in one article. There is still no concept of vintage wine brands in India, so the best of best wine brands in India will taste the same no matter the number of years they are stored for. The variety of wines in India is, however, striking much better and the wineries are getting much better in doing their jobs.


This flagship wine from Maharashtra’s York winery, manufactured by a young winemaking team, is an insufficient production blend of the winery’s best Shiraz (55%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (45%). The wine is old13 months in American and French oak and another 12 months in the bottle before discharge. The delicious vanilla notes of the American oak control, along with bright fruit (strawberries, raspberries, cherries) and Indian spices (cinnamon). The wine further opened up and relaxed in the glass. The alcohol initially made its presence felt, before consuming in the glass. A wine for food was the agreement.


WINERY: York Vinery

Producer country: Nashik Valley – India

Grape type:  Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon

Bottle volume: 750 ml

PRICE: Rs. 800-1500

Alcohol quantity: 14.3 %


This mixture of two red grapes—Syrah and Mourvedre—with the white grape viognier has hedonistic minutes of spice, smoke, game, and leather. The effect is stunning, especially for the money. The nose entices with its abundance of ripe plums, blueberries, small spiciness and notes of violets. Deep berry fruit results through onto a juicy, vibrant mid-palate with svelte tannins and a silky texture. The wine shows exceptional balance besides fresh, combined acidity. Plummy fruit and spice linger on the finish also it is the best red wind brands.


Winery: Franschhoek valley

Developed country: Western Cape, South Africa

Grape type: Syrah and Mourvedre

Bottle volume: 500 ml

PRICE: Rs. 1125

Alcohol amount: 14.38%

Charosa Tempranillo Reserve

It is best red wine brands that available in India only Tempranillo exploit out of India, and one good sufficient to take on Spanish Rioja. If this is a sign of things to come, Tempranillo attains to become a big Indian superstar

KRSMA, Chardonnay

Krsma is a boutique winery, based in Hampi Hills in Karnataka. The winery manufactured is insufficient as correlated to other brands, proffering availability hard. The Bangalore recently is the only city anywhere one can lay hands on them. New York is another international city where you can obtain these exclusive wines. An interesting point about KRSMA is that they focus on only four varietal wines: Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese in the red wine section and Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc in the white wine category. Chardonnay quickly is white wine, belonging to France and is raised in almost every winemaking region worldwide. This Chardonnay shows notes of white flowers, sweet lime, orange peel, apple, and peach. The tongue has some creaminess, nectarines, mango, and flavoring bean. The wine is delectably fruity and compared with subtle oak in the past.

Alpine Vindiva Shiraz Reserve

A good look of Syrah with lots of fruit on the nose and palate. There have been some disagreements somewhere along the road but the wines are always well above ordinary.


I have demonstrated complete knowledge about best red wine brand in India such as Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Chateau D’ori  Cabernet Merlot, Seagram Nine Hills etc. More with other red wine brands available in India which you can drink. You also know that any type of wine has some troubles also with advantages. If you drink red wine in a limited quantity than it will be useful for your health.