Top 5 Video Conferencing Service Providers For Business Meetings

Top 5 Video Conferencing Service Providers For Business Meetings

Ever since we stepped into the digital era, not only brands but corporate businesses also started opting for the best live streaming services. Business meetings and conferences are held around the world following the recent trend prevailing in the market. 2-way video conferencing solutions.

has made it easy for businesses to conduct business meetings and conferences while sitting in the same town, saving from the hassle of traveling.  

A sudden rise in video conferencing service providers has been noted in the past few years ever since 2-way video conferencing solutions came into play. With each passing year more and more businesses are inclining towards conference webcasting company for a higher level of productivity and minimizing the traveling cost along with saving time. There are a number of benefits that come along when a business plans to opt for 2-way video conferencing vendors for organizing business collaborations or meetings.  

2-way video conferencing solutions allows the business to conduct an important meeting or discuss the most relevant topics in no time. With the advancements in technology, businesses have seen rapid growth and changed their traditional ways of expanding their enterprise. 

Top 5 Video Conferencing Service Providers

There are many 2-way video conferencing vendors available in the market in the current era of digitalization. So choose the right video conferencing service for business meeting and corporate events. A battle has been on between video conferencing service providers to serve the best. Let’s have a look at the top 5 video conferencing service providers that offer the best 2-way video conferencing solutions that will help any business to leverage. 

1. Zoom

Zoom is buzzing with its presence in the industry and is counted among one of the top video conferencing service providers. Zoom has been the first choice for many businesses, as it is the first unicorn of the video conferencing space. 

Zoom has been suggested by experts as one of the best video conferencing providers and is a great deal to invest in as it is a profitable deal. Zoom has taken over many big players in their domain with its paid dividends and outstanding service approach. 

Calendar sync used across desktop and mobile is one of the best features, which is highlighted by the users of zoom. It has various amazing features that make it the choice of corporates. 

Zoom allows businesses to conduct internal and external communications, meetings and provide training to the employees of the firm. With the advancements in technology, the zoom is coming up with new features to suit all the needs and demands of the business. It’s easy to detect security risks across shared content on zoom with the help of artificial intelligence.

2. Cisco

Since the inception of Webex, Cisco has been the leader in video conferencing service providers. The presence of Cisco Webex has dominated the video meeting space. Cisco Spark and Cisco Webex joined hands last year and formed a team together, where Webex has been transformed into a collaboration client from a meeting experience.

Cisco provides the best 2-way video conferencing solutions, including all features like content sharing, meeting recording and so on. With advancements in technology, Cisco is unveiling new features to the platform that will benefit any business. Cisco has its own place when we talk about 2-way video conferencing providers. 

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the well-known names in its domain, it offers 2-way video conferencing solutions in collaboration with Skype for business meetings online. 

With advanced features and functions, lync became the favorite of corporate businesses around the world. It has a somewhat similar feel and looks of skype which builds trust among users. 

Skype was the favorite video product for businesses as it allows various functions like screen sharing, meeting recordings, whiteboards, etc which made it hit in its domain. 

Microsoft has replaced Skype for business as a VCaaS product with enhancements in meeting experiences by offering meeting channels and many other features for giving better experiences to users. 

4. Google

Google Hangouts Meet is one of the best 2-way video conferencing solutions that come under Google’s flagship. Developments are going on for improving the hangout experiences for users. The current users are benefiting from the functions of hangouts and are more than satisfied. 

Google hangouts meet are well integrated with G Suite which allows users to join business meetings directly from an email invite. 

5. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is one of the best live streaming provider company, that provides excellent webcasting services along with the best conference webcast live streaming services, live facebook, youtube & private webcasting screenings, & webcast of events. 

Dreamcast is a one-stop 2-way webcasting solution for professional, academic & cultural events along with several other activities.

Dreamcast provides 2-way video conferencing solutions for businesses that are suitable for any format and are 100% secure. Ensuring video outputs and transparency are the main agendas for the Dreamcast to give their users a hassle-free 2-way video conferencing experience.

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