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The Benefits of Custom Pizza Slice Boxes

There are a variety of benefits of using custom pizza slice boxes. You can choose from printed paper or corrugated cardboard. These boxes are eco-friendly and can be cut into portions. The front end of the box can make or break the customer’s impression. The back end of the box can be just as attractive, and your customer will appreciate it more when it’s print with your company’s logo. You can also select from a wide variety of colors, including custom graphics. Also, you can create a logo for your company by yourself using PhotoADKing’s logo maker.

Corrugated cardboard

Domino’s is a company that uses corrugated cardboard for its pizza slice boxes. Tom Monaghan, who founded the company in 1959, was passionate about delivering quality pizza. He looked for a company in Detroit that specialized in corrugated cardboard boxes to pack his pizzas. His search was fruitful and the result was a pizza box company that was environmentally responsible. Today, Domino’s is an international brand with over 4,000 stores.

Traditionally, pizza slice boxes are made of corrugated cardboard. However, most of them are contaminate with grease and food debris, preventing the paper fibers from binding together. As a result, the paper product is not of high quality and will end up in the landfill. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that pizza boxes are dispose of responsibly. The following are some tips to keep your pizza slices fresh

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Printed paper

Printed paper for custom luxury boxes are a versatile packaging solution for single slices of pizza. They can be used for food service applications and are made of corrugated or solid board. They comply with international hygiene standards and are made from approve food-grade paper combinations that prevent grease stains, absorb moisture, and retain heat. The Printed paper for pizza slice boxes is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be print with high-quality printing techniques. Print paper for pizza slice boxes are delivered flat, giving you more stacking space and maximizing shipping efficiency.

Printed paper for pizza slice boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which is compose of three layers of paper liners that are glued together. The paper liners are then printed and run through a die machine that cuts vents and creases. The process of corrugated cardboard assembly is reversed in the VENTiT method. The inner liner and middle liner are cut before being assembled with the precut outer liner.


With rising consumer awareness of environmental issues and regulatory pressure to make products greener, some pizzerias have turned to the pizza box as an opportunity to give their business an edge. But some still struggle to make the switch, confused by the terms and the costs associated with eco-friendly packaging. To help pizzerias understand the importance of minimizing waste and using sustainable materials, we asked Chuck Pearson, sales manager for Arvco Container Corporation, one of the largest national providers of pizza boxes.

Pizza box recycling has long been a challenging challenge. Currently, most people do not recycle them, since they are too large to fit in a recycling bin. However, a company called GreenBox is now making recyclable pizza slice boxes. It is a great first step to reduce waste and contribute to environmental sustainability. This innovative new product can be use to produce pizzas and other items without causing a major environmental impact.

Easy to cut into portions

If you want your slices to look professional, consider purchasing a cutting guide for your pizza. While this type of tool is essential for pizza establishments, you can also use it at home. Designed with a specific number of slices in mind, it is easy to use and clean. It is made of an NSF-certified composition material. Here are some tips to use one when making pizza slices. The first step is to remove the pizza from the oven. Next, divide the pizza into the necessary portions.

Once you have a template, you can begin cutting. Then, cut vertically or horizontally. Vertical cuts result in four triangular-shaped slices. Horizontal cuts produce three large slices. Once you’ve created your cutting marks, you can begin cutting the pizza into portions. These will be easier to eat, but they won’t produce perfect pizza slices. After you’ve cut your pizza, remember to make marks so you don’t accidentally cut yourself.

Appetizing appearance

The traditional corner cut design of pizza slice boxes is still present in Domino’s boxes. This is a welcome change, as the traditional style had become cluttered with generic messaging. Rather than relying on the traditional corner cut, the company is embracing the principles of bold, minimal design. As a result, their box design is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. Here are five reasons why you should consider redesigning your pizza slice boxes.

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