Computer & Internet · April 10, 2020

Key Services Of Exchange Server Support System for Your Business

Microsoft has designed an exchange server support. This enables the user to communicate via their laptops and computers. It’s an email and calendaring schedule that enables the people to communicate via emails and voice notes easily. Microsoft has designed software that uses a proprietary protocol of MAPI. This is used especially to talk to the business clients via exchanging emails. They have also added support for POP3, IMAP, and EAS. The server support will work only for windows.

Services offered of exchange server support:

  1. Maintenance- If a company already has an exchange server management installed and ready on their electronic device then you can hire IT companies for maintaining the same software. The maintenance checks for viruses and bugs as well as the efficiency with which the software works. They will also update new installations that will help with the safety and security against hackers.
  2.  Migration- If you want to transfer your mail service from one device and software to another from the existing exchange server setup, this service is available for you as well. This will make the work hassle-free for you and you will also be ensured that the work will be done with trained professionals. The migration can be done from the following software to the mentioned software: Exchange 2003 or 2007 to Exchange 2010, Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange migration, POP3 to Microsoft Exchange migration, and IMAP to Microsoft Exchange migration.
  3. Support- In case of malfunctions and non-function of the software, you will need a trained engineer and technician to offer exchange server help. These services will make sure that you don’t click anything random and shut down the software completely or sacrifice it.
  4. Installation- Before installing the software, you need to know its basic functions and be clear on how it will help to make things easier for your business. The installation process will require planning as well as inspection of the electronic device to see that it is free of all non-malfunctions and viruses. The setup process is also extensive and needs some details. Handling business and installing software is no cakewalk. It’s easier and more beneficial to hire a company that deals with the installing of the Microsoft exchange server support. They will also help with regular checks and other services.
  5. Health check– Just as your hardware needs maintenance and upgrades, the software does too. If you need to clear space on your mailbox or need to move it from software to another, hiring an IT company’s help is the optimum solution. Get regular health check-ups so one-day you won’t be stuck with a huge and sudden problem.

The server exchange software is introduced for your benefit. If you want to avail of it, then these services are offered. You can choose them individually or a combo of them depending upon your needs. These services offered will help you with the smooth functioning of your business.