How Does A Job Consultancy Work | Role Services- Receptix

How Does A Job Consultancy Work | Role Services- Receptix

The job industry is facing the toughest competition it has seen in years. The steady development of the economy has resulted in increasing the requirement for skilled manpower. With the evolution of the internet and technology, searching for a job has become more of a digital experience.

While there are many options online that can help a candidate to find a good opportunity, sometimes a candidate might get lost chasing after the wrong string. That is where job consultancies come into the picture. Job consultancy or recruitment firms are the bridge between a candidate and their potential employer. From smaller places like a job consultancy in Nagpur to Mumbai, one of the biggest metropolitan cities – there are options almost everywhere in India. 

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But how exactly does a job consultancy work? What is the role they play in finding jobs? That is exactly what we’ll be finding out in this article. 

What is a job consultancy?

A job consultancy or placement consultancy acts as a link between various companies and job seekers. They help in streamlining the manpower hunting for the companies, irrespective of how big or small they might be. Companies have a tie-up with job consultancies and tell them about the roles they have vacancies in. Consultancies then find candidates on behalf of those companies. 

Role Of A Job Consultancy

Job consultancies conduct the screening process and find candidates for different companies. They have records of job vacancies in India in a variety of fields. Depending on the scale of their business, they either deal in one or more than one city. Moreover, they also deal in particular niches and provide expert services in those domains. Job consultancies guide job seekers on their career prospects.

  • They work for large, medium as well as small scale companies.
  • They have a huge database of job vacancies as per salary offered, experienced or fresher, responsibilities, industry, etc.
  • This database is built over a significant period of time. They refer to these databases and contact the registered candidates.
  • Job seekers reach out to these agencies through different mediums of communication such as phone calls, emails, direct walk-ins, and get themselves registered.

Once the screening process is done at the consultancy, the selection process is processed further. If the candidate seems fit and clears the initial screening, then the consultancy sends them to the company for their interview. In some cases, the potential employer from the company might sit as a representative in the panel taking the interview at the recruitment firm only. 

Additional Services

Job consultancies act as a career guide or counselor for the candidates. They provide a helping hand and help candidates with the following:

  • Solve issues related to their career or job.
  • Provide the best available alternatives and solutions related to their career queries.
  • Provide training to the candidates and guide them on how to attend interviews or work on their personality development. This training gets candidates ready for the toughest situations.
  • They also maintain contact with successfully placed candidates to keep track of their needs post-selection.

Job consultancies have been helping people find opportunities for a long time now. Since they offer expert services, people come to them to find better options and reach the right places to find jobs. In a world where most people can conduct a job search online, job consultancies are still relevant. 

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