Tour and Travels · June 28, 2022

Corporate Transport: Why is it the Best Option?

When we hear about corporate transportation services, comfort and luxury come almost immediately to our minds as examples of advantages. However, they are also based on other concepts that are important to the Executive Chauffeur Service.

We thought of all the advantages that luxury car rental brings to your company and we have listed them in this post. We want to present a positive possibility of mobility, security and much more for the executive to hire this service. Look.

Qualified driver service

The executive can hire only corporate transport, without the driver. However, the quality of service improves considerably in this case. An executive driver undergoes specialized training, such as:

  • Defensive driving;
  • First aid skills;
  • language courses;
  • Basics of individual security.

All of the above issues affect the executive’s physical integrity and allow for a safer journey.

Best value for money for the company

Hiring a corporate Private Car Chauffeur Service in Bodrum can lead to considerable savings for the company. When the organization has its own vehicles, it needs planned costs for fleet maintenance, fuel, annual taxes, driver salaries, among other expenses.

If you put it at the tip of a pencil, the total amount spent on all this is much greater than hiring specialized companies.

Optimized routes

Imagine that you have hired the corporate transport service for an important meeting and, only halfway; it discovers that the driver has chosen the most trafficked or the longest route. Believe it! This type of situation is quite common with conventional transport.

The explanation is also in the issues mentioned above, when we talk about the advantages of hiring a private driver. Companies specialized in transportation for executives have an effective planning of their routes.

In addition to the advantage of saving time, we also reinforce the issue of security here. These drivers are trained to avoid risk areas for your executive, keeping him in total safety during the entire transfer.

Elegance and courtesy in corporate transport

When you opt for corporate transport, you also gain the advantage of having a uniformed driver – an optional issue, of course –, hygienic and very courteous. For those who work with expatriate executives in Turkey, having a multilingual driver is essential. Companies providing this service must care about having drivers who speak at least one language other than Turkish.

In conventional transport, this issue is the biggest complaint from customers. As drivers do not undergo specialized training, there is no guarantee of satisfaction in this aspect.

Hiring with daily rates available

Conventional rent is usually charged for conventional daily rates. The executive must pay a full amount, even if he has only used the vehicle for two hours, for example Executive Chauffeur Service.

The hiring of corporate transport also has the advantage of interspersed daily rates, where the vehicle is available to the executive for a period contracted by the company. This avoids expenses and other setbacks.

Have you ever used corporate transportation for your Executive Chauffeur Service in Istanbul? We want to know what you think of this service! If you still have any questions about it, you can leave your question in the comments and we’ll talk to you!