Music and Arts · May 9, 2021

7 Ways to Promote Your SoundCloud Music for Free

Suppose you are passionate about creating music. If your music is all about creating content, writing lyrics, and composing, and if you have to take it as your business. Then you will have to promote your music. You will have to make your music a brand name and make it famous.

So here is one of the best platforms as SoundCloud that is for all music lovers. SoundCloud helps you to publish and promote your music on social platforms. It is one of the growing websites with several famous artists. In every social media promotion is one of the essential tools to rank your content. Even in your music, you have to promote your music socially.

Let us understand seven ways to promote your SoundCloud music.

1) Create a marketing strategy
2) Analysis your data
3) Promoting on another social platform
4) Optimize SoundCloud Marketing
5) Work on your Soundcloud profile
6) Reaching with tastemaker
7) Let your audience know you

1. Create a marketing strategy

Every business requires planning, aim, mission, and goal, which will help you optimize your target audience. The same goes for your music promotion. You need to set your goal and look for your target audience.
Understand your audience’s mind DO they attend live music or not? On what occasion do they listen to music? What type of music do people love the most? These are all a few basic questions, and there are lots of others. Prepare a bunch of questions and find a solution to them. Understand your competitors, listen to live music, explore your brand and genre of your music. Make it available to everyone. It will help to create your market plan and strategy.

2. Analysis your data

If you are looking for a targeted audience from a specific area, understand their culture and preference over music. It will help you to know the audience’s area of interest. But when it comes to online platforms, it isn’t easy to know your audience. So, with the help of analytics, you can quickly know your target audience preference. Use SoundCloud go pro; you will come to know your performance, and it will help you understand the traffic. You can even get to know the data of your listeners.

3. Promoting on another social platform

Promoting on other social platforms helps to give an audience from various areas and countries. Prepare a short post about your music track, provide your SoundCloud link on every other platform. As SoundCloud allows you to share your links as well. Using others media will help you to drive more engagement of the audience. You can choose social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
to pick your audience and many other platforms of your choice.

4. Optimize SoundCloud marketing

It’s great, but before posting your content, you should have followers to get maximum reach to your tracks. Sometimes you can have quality content, but your music does not get more attention on SoundCloud. It is because of lack in number. SoundCloud Marketing helps you with reaching out to your targeted audience by buying plays with your small increment. It will help you to reach your tracks organically and drive traffic to your website.

5. Work on your SoundCloud profile

It can happen that you might be focusing on your other social platform and building your marketing strategy. But you will forget to engage your SoundCloud audience. Focus more on your Soundcloud account as well. Share your content, reach out with the maximum audience. Comment back to all your responses. You can Follow other music creators who will help you to know your current market trend. Join music artist groups. It will help you to build your community and make your platform in the music world.

6. Reaching with Tastemakers

Once you are complete with setting up your profile and your marketing is happening well. Now, the next step is to reach out to tastemakers. Reach out with tastemakers, share your samples and ask them for collaboration. They will look at your performance and your social handle, and then they can take you on a music album. They will also check your social proof, and they promote you.

7. Let your audience know you
Interaction is one of the significant factors you should build with your audience. Conduct live sessions, play their favorite music, and sing along. Look at the feedback and suggestion. It will help the audience to know your personality.
The above given are the best seven ways to promote your SoundCloud Music. To music promotion you can get more likes on your tracks. You can use buy SoundCloud likes service to attract more listeners easily.