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5 Things to Keep in Mind if You Want to Invest in a False Ceiling

Introduction –

Are you thinking of doing an interesting interior for your home? Do you consider a false ceiling for it? We are here to help you. One of the major aspects while decorating a home or apartment is the beautification of the ceiling. It must be matched with the overall vibe of your place. The most famous among all the interesting decorative options is a false ceiling.

As it completely changes the look of the space. People are drawn towards it for several reasons. False ceiling contractor Singapore does efficient work while developing the false ceiling.

What is a false ceiling?

A false ceiling is one that is made slightly under the main ceiling and is made mainly out of different materials like plaster of Paris, wood, and also aluminum panels.

What are the benefits of a false ceiling?

  • A false ceiling increases the beauty of the room and slightly reduces the height of the room which makes it even cozier.
  • Sometimes people install lights over it and make it even more beautiful. From an aesthetic point of view, it is great for interior decoration. A modern-day house requires this kind of aesthetics.
  • Also, it hides the electrical wires of the place completely so that it doesn’t look bad with the beautification of the place.
  • A false ceiling controls the heatwave to come straight to the room and keep the place cool. Adding an extra layer under the ceiling, stops the heat to come directly to the home.  

5 things to keep in mind while installing a false ceiling

  1. Measuring the height of the ceiling –

One of the first things you must do when you start the process of installing the false ceiling is to measure the height of the ceiling. Measuring the height is very important and things can go wrong if not done so.

One mistake that a lot of people make is installing a false ceiling and then realizing that the space got really small because of that. You don’t want this to happen. So, for that reason, you must measure it beforehand. You must know this if your place has enough space for a false ceiling.

  • Choosing an efficient false ceiling contractor Singapore

You should always choose an efficient contractor for this job. A false ceiling is not like the actual ceiling it might get ruined very fast if not made properly. For that reason, you must need a good contractor company. If you are searching it online you must check the online review first to choose or else you also can take the help of someone who has already availed of the service. So, that you always get the best service. False ceiling contractor in Singapore does their job quite perfectly.

  • Choosing from a wide range of design options –

Not just for its utility value, a false ceiling is also a very beautiful design element for your home. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and you must choose a design that goes perfectly well with the design aesthetics of your home.

While you are having a conversation with the construction company, they mostly provide some sample pictures to choose your designs from or else you can see the designs online. You can also hire an interior designer for that who will suggest the best kind of option for you.

  • Setting up the electrical elements

One of the major usages of a false ceiling is to use it as a space for your electrical elements as well as hide all the electrical wires. For this reason, you must have to contact the electrical as well. And tell your contractor to leave space for things like lights and ceiling fans.

There must be ample space between every object to maintain the aesthetics of the room so that it doesn’t look clustered. There are also some beautiful decorative items such as chandeliers that can be attached to the false ceiling. Furniture assembly service Singapore can take care of all these.

  • Maintenance and cleaning procedure –

You must remember that a false ceiling is less durable than a regular ceiling, so it needs to be taken care of. Regular cleaning and dusting off the dirt is very important. You can use a regular broom for that. If it is white it needs to clean even frequently. Also, if any damages are found they must be repaired quickly, or else it can damage the whole ceiling and it even may fall apart.

Conclusion –

A false ceiling is an essential as well as an aesthetic element of the home, and it needs to be installed perfectly to get the best effect. Also, it will last longer if you install it correctly with the help of professionals. However, you always keep in mind all these points to get the best results.

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