Support · October 2, 2020

4 Signs Your IT Support Is Protecting You Properly

When you pay for high-quality IT support, you want to know that they help you, serve you, and protect you properly.

IT services should aid you with cloud migration, computer downtime, network stability, and much more, but most of all, they should be working with you to create a bespoke and personalized support system.

Finding IT support that cares about your business and building a relationship that brings you peace-of-mind cannot be valued highly enough. As a business owner, you should be looking for the following four signs when evaluating your IT service.

1.    They care about your business

Firstly, your IT support should care about your business. Presuming you are outsourcing your IT support to an external company; their staff should take the time to get to know your business and understand its particular needs. From here, they should develop a rapport with you and your staff that shows that they care about you and want you to succeed as, in turn, that allows them to succeed.

If you are a small business, this should not be difficult or too much of an ask. The average number of small business employees is 10, meaning getting to know and understand your group is not hard. If your IT support cares about you, they are protecting you.

2.    They tailor their support for your company

No two companies are the same, so naturally, neither are any two IT support systems. With IT support such as Capstone IT Services (Florida) on your side, you should receive a tailored and unique package.

Tying into the first point, this comes hand in hand with them caring about you and your business. They will meticulously assess and analyze your company’s needs and provide you with the support you require, whether it be cybersecurity, Office 365 help, or simple consultation.

3.    They are responding to you promptly

When something goes wrong – such as your server going down – you need it fixed, and you need it fixed quickly. Superb IT support who are protecting you properly will respond to you promptly. Not only does this get the issue fixed quicker, but it also provides you with the confidence that anything that goes wrong in the future will be dealt with similarly.

IT support that ignores you or fails to respond in time is not support at all. They are leaving you high and dry, and you should seek professionals who respond in 60 minutes or less.

4.    You don’t suffer data breaches

In the USA, the average cost to businesses of a data breach is $8.19 million. A surefire way of telling that your IT support is adequately protecting you is that you are not the victim of cyber-attacks, data breaches, or data losses that lead to this type of damage.

Ask your IT support to explain to you and show you how they are protecting you. All decent support providers will be happy to demonstrate how they are keeping you and your customers safe.