Support · September 12, 2020

5 Reasons why Online Customer Service Training is Essential in Bringing Profit to your Business

Businesses sometimes reject customer service training offers, thinking these programs are unwanted expenses. However, customer service, in today’s economy, is a source of competitive advantage. In any two similar products, it is how the product is sold that makes the difference. In this read, learn how investing in online customer service training brings in massive profits for the business.

Competitive Advantage

Experts say that a business can only compete in any of the three – product, price, or service. Unless you can afford to have a unique product feature that cannot be copied or dive down to the lowest price point, your business is better off competing in service.

In the telecommunications industry, for example, companies offer almost similar internet subscriptions. You are likely to choose the company with better customer service, especially when there is only a hairline price difference. A survey has shown that consumers nowadays are willing to pay a premium price for convenience. With online customer service training, your employees are properly guided on how to deal with their clients, particularly irate customers.

Repeat Customers

Businesses that capture a big percentage of the market are not necessarily better than those with smaller market traction. A butcher shop may have only 100 customers in a year, yet each customer buys once a month. It is performing slightly better than a butcher shop with 1,000 unique customers who buy meat only once a year.

Besides sales, businesses benefit from reduced marketing and operational costs. Ask business owners, and surely, they would agree that the cost of acquiring new customers is higher than the cost of maintaining existing customers. How exactly can you raise customer loyalty? It is through customer service. If you want to gain loyal customers, give your employees online customer service training.

Increased Productivity

Your workers would directly benefit from receiving online customer service training, too. First, they will feel valued, knowing that the company has invested in their development. They will feel inspired to grow with the company. Second, they will acquire transferable customer service skills that work not only for clients and buyers, but also for suppliers, investors, community partners, and other stakeholders. Third, they will perform better in handling customer complaints. Less customer stress means fewer negative reviews. Your employees grow as your customer base grows.

Also, many holistic online customer service training programs include communication skills enhancement, personality assessment, team building, and many other helpful modules. In this way, you are truly helping your employees grow as individuals.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Customer handling is stressful regardless of the industry or company size. It is believed that employees leave their jobs because of their bosses. But some employees leave because of client-related stress. You may earn money from additional sales. However, if you simultaneously experience employees leaving frequently, you will lose most of your profit. Thus, your business cash flow will be in bad shape.

Positive Reviews

In today’s social media-dependent lifestyle, anyone can readily upload videos, photos, or posts that can put the company in a bad light. No business is perfect. Once in a while, an employee may commit a mistake. However, this can be avoided with the right online customer service training.

Keep in mind that the impact of social media on businesses cannot be ignored. Help your business attain more positive reviews on social media by investing in proper training for your employees to help them avoid making the same mistakes again. Do not take customer service for granted. Remember that small holes can sink a ship; in the same way, minor customer service mistakes can sink a business.

Author bio: Zoya Maryam is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies as well as fiction, like good music, loves her cat, and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology.