Your Self-Care Regime for Winter 2020: A Guide

Your Self-Care Regime for Winter 2020: A Guide

Self-care is all about investing in your mental and physical health. In the winter, this is especially important, as you’re naturally inclined to spend more time at home and less time baking in the summer sun or exploring your local nature spots in the warm weather. As such, this guide is all about maximizing your wellbeing as the cooler months draw in, giving you the opportunity to know yourself that bit better – and care for yourself with the self-respect you deserve – as the nights draw in.


One of the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle is the diet that you ordinarily consume. For many, this might involve unhealthy foods that tend to make you feel sluggish and can contribute to weight gain. It’s your responsibility, this winter, to take care to cook healthy and wholesome foods, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet without defaulting to take-out food and unhealthy meals. Buy a cookbook to help you draw inspiration to cook entirely new meals, and make sure that you’re eating enough fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep your spirits up this winter.


On the other side of the equation to your diet is your exercise regime. Everyone should maintain some form of exercise – even if it’s just a daily walk – in order to boost both their physical and their mental health. One way to engage in sport and exercise this winter is to set goals for yourself based on your ability at the present time. If you can currently run 5K in 45 minutes, why not try to bring that time down to 35? If you head out for one walk a day, why not try to bring that average up to two per day? It’s important for your health and your lifestyle to build exercise into each day of your life.


When it comes to other forms of health-boosting self-care, there’s a whole world of different products and advice out there on the internet. If you’re interested in using CBD this winter, look to to find the products that’ll match best with your goals. If you’re looking for the right vitamin balance, search online directories, and concentrate especially on vitamins B and D – both of which are in short supply from natural sources in the winter months.


Finally, no self-care regime can be complete without that most important of soul sustenance: your social life. In general, we have to accept that winter is a less social time than summer – and this is set to be especially true over the course of winter 2020 when the coronavirus is likely to impact on all of our social lives. Still, we can make sure that we’re setting aside important time to spend with friends and family this winter, in order to keep spirits up and our social lives burning nicely, as the days get shorter and cooler. These four lifestyle tips will help you to maintain excellent self-care as the winter months draw in.

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