Your Entrepreneurial Journey Starts Here!

Your Entrepreneurial Journey Starts Here!

An undergraduate course determines a student’s future. Students should choose subjects at the higher secondary level after a lot of thought as it sets the tone for their future career. Based on the higher secondary subjects a student chooses an undergraduate programme and by this his or her career path becomes well defined.

Some courses give you the liberty to either pursue a career or start your own venture. Business administration bachelor’s program is one such course where in a student can continue with his masters or take up employment or just start a venture. The course stresses on the fundamentals of business and those who do their masters will find the course advantageous.

Eligibility Criteria!

A student with a pass in higher secondary qualifying exam can choose this course. He could either be a commerce, arts or science graduate. It is a three-year undergraduate programme and the course has a total of six semesters. Students are exposed to various aspects of business during their course. There are many specializations offered for the course and when a student chooses a specialized course, he gets an in-depth knowledge of the subject. The various specializations are finance, human resources, marketing and sales, information and technology, etc.

Students should choose a best institute to pursue the course. Leading institutes conduct entrance examinations and they take in students only on the basis of the rankings in the examination. Some universities offer an honours programme and such courses guarantee good employment opportunities. The course prepares the student for the master’s programme. Business administration bachelor’s program is the best professional business course available after 12th standard.

Course Content!

Students learn about principles of financial accounting, micro economics, taxes, research methodology, business law and business analytics, customer relationship management, financial management, supply chain management, etc. The basic course covers all these subjects while a specialized course lays stress on the specialization. The students can improve their knowledge through lectures, seminars and conferences. Exchange programme is also part of some courses offered by top institutes.

All Round Development!

The course also focusses on soft skills and personality development, negotiating, conversational skills, writing skills, professional communication, etc. Leadership skills, management skills, problem solving and decision-making skills are stressed upon during the course. So, a student is fully trained to face the challenges of the business world or he can start his own venture after completion of the course. Analytical and computational skills are also improved during the course.

Internships give the students the much-needed industrial exposure. So, it is a best course for students willing to pursue a career in management.

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