Wooden kitchen cabinets covered with oak veneer

Wooden kitchen cabinets covered with oak veneer

When it comes to natural wood kitchen cabinets, it is impossible not to mention oak, one of the most popular materials for kitchen cabinets with the best prices today. In addition to being used as the main material to make kitchen cabinets, oak wood is also used as a vermilion layer for industrial wood kitchen cabinets.

What is wooden kitchen cabinets covered oak veneer ?

This type of kitchen cabinet is made from popular industrial wood such as MDF, MFC, HDF, the surface is covered with a layer of oak 0.3 to 0.6 mm thick, carefully soaked to increase aesthetics, quality product quality, to meet the needs of consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood kitchen cabinets covered with oak venner

Advantages: The price is cheaper than natural wood kitchen cabinets, the surface is similar to natural wood, so it meets the needs of homeowners who like to use natural wood cabinets but do not have enough money. Good waterproofing, anti-mold and bearing capacity. Beautiful wood color, not fading over time, not warping, shrinking due to weather.

Cons: Kitchen cabinets are easy to peel off the oak veneer coating if you buy products in non-reputable units.

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How much does wooden kitchen cabinets covered oak veneer cost?

If compared with natural wood kitchen cabinets, surely the price of oak wood kitchen cabinets will be a bit cheaper. But if compared with industrial wood kitchen cabinets, of course, wood kitchen cabinets covered with oak veneer will be more expensive than the same product that is not laminated on the surface.

Depending on the material of the industrial wood as well as the quality of the oak veneer, the product price can vary from 2.5 million to about 4 million VND.

Sample-beautiful kitchen cabinets covered oak veneer good price

Wooden kitchen cabinets covered with oak veneer are designed in a straight I-style, including top and bottom kitchen cabinets designed quite similarly. In order to create freshness and ventilation and harmony, the lower kitchen cabinet is installed on a 4-foot stand.

L-shaped kitchen cabinets are always the first choice of homeowners. By using this style oak veneer-covered wooden kitchen cabinet, while taking advantage of the space to install other appliances, the kitchen becomes more balanced and beautiful.

Also a wood kitchen cabinet covered with oak veneer letter I but is large and different from the simple kitchen cabinet above. The cabinet model is quite suitable for apartments with large areas, needing to use many functions, requiring luxurious and modern design.

Above is the information about wood kitchen cabinets covered with oak veneer, one of the most popular industrial wood kitchen cabinets today. If you have a need to buy this product, or need more advice on the product. Contact The Gioi Moc for the best service.

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