Home Decor · January 4, 2020

Wood Flooring: Important Things to Know

Average Cost of Hardwood Floors

In case you are planning to install hardwood floors in your home, you have a few decisions to make. Different kinds of wood floors are available, with diverse kinds of wood, installations, and patterns catering all sorts of choices from planks you can paint with the shade you want, to easy-to-install prefinished boards. 

You should also determine the Average Cost of Hardwood Floors before you make a decision. Following are a few things that you might want to consider:

Species of Wood Floors

The solid hardwood floor is oak, but you know in the stores you are also going to see a huge range of wooden floor types from maple to fir, birch, walnut, to cherry, and beech. Pine is even used a lot in country-style and reproduction homes, where it is painted dark to have an old-fashioned landscape. Bamboo floors have turned out to be popular recently. These are tough, durable because bamboo grows fast and considered a lot more Eco-friendly than other types of wood flooring.

Installation Variants for Wood Floors

Once you have decided on a kind of wood floor. Next, you are going to find it is available in three basic installation types:

  • Strips: narrow tongue and groove boards that are cut in arbitrary lengths
  • Wood Tile: most of the times patterned and laid in geometric patterns in a flooring style
  • Planks: tongue-and-groove boards that are available in diverse thicknesses as well as random lengths

You might also come across floating floor systems that have diverse types of covered strips on top of a tongue-and-groove backing board.

Also, remember that Wood Flooring Boise could be factory prefinished or unfinished, having the latter sanded and finished after it gets put in place. Most of the hardwood floor kinds and woods might be refinished. But a floating system is finished in the factory as the boards get made; it cannot be refinished.

Why Wood Flooring is Great?

The foremost thing is that the hardwood floor has an amazing look. A classic hardwood floor forms up a warm décor, and it even feels great under your feet. Most of the homeowners and purchasers will agree that wood floors are gorgeous and extremely attractive than tile or carpet.

Also, wood is neutral, whereas carpet demands you to deal with a color palette. The neutral asset of wood turns out to be extra valuable when you are revamping a room. Tile and carpet might restrict your design and furniture options. A wood floor can get stripped, sanded, and even refinished with a light or clear stain to get the room a clean, bright feel. So, there is no harm in checking out the average cost of hardwood floors and giving it a try.


Finally, once you have these things in mind you will be able to make an educated decision for your flooring.