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Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles Guide

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

The parquet pattern on the floor is perfect for the kitchen in a country house, cottage, in the country. These are private homes, where the preferred elements of facade cladding are wood, basements – stone, roofs – tiles. The natural components of the interior design, such as the wood effect porcelain tiles on the floor, complement the stylistic excellence of the building and become the finishing touch of the environmentally friendly interior.

Wood-like porcelain stoneware in european is also a popular floor covering in apartments. It is used in the kitchen, bathroom, bathrooms, decorated in certain styles.

  • Classic kitchens or bathrooms with solid wood furniture.
  • Wood-like porcelain stoneware on the floor is actively used in modern styles: industrial, fusion, rustic, etc.
  • The use of ceramic granite is also possible in hallways and living rooms.

A floor covering that imitates natural wood can become a single design solution for the entire apartment. The advantage of porcelain stoneware under parquet is that it can be used to create a “warm floor” system and thus improve the home heating system. Porcelain stoneware tiles have better thermal conductivity than conventional tiles.

How to choose wood effect porcelain tiles for the floor?

Important criteria for choosing artificial stone tiles for floors are the following characteristics:

  • perfect imitation of a wooden surface, so that it was impossible to distinguish a stone from a wooden cut
  • the richness of the imitated pattern, for example, under swamp oak, mahogany, white acacia, etc.
  • tile surface texture: glossy, rough, matte
  • the size of the tiles, from small mosaics to parquet and laminate boards

When choosing porcelain stoneware similar to wood, you should take into account the size of the kitchen. For a small area, you can stop at the mosaic form of the tiles; for large rooms, larger fragments on the floor are more suitable. The purpose of the room also influences the choice of material. Smooth polished porcelain stoneware looks great in bathrooms and toilets; a rough matte or structured surface of the slabs may be a more suitable option for the kitchen.

Scope and variation of wood effect porcelain tiles application

Among the proposals for porcelain stoneware similar to wood in Moscow, there are interesting options for decoration. The drawing can be different, beautiful images or ornaments are presented from decorative fragments. But most of the time, decorated porcelain stoneware is used for bordering the perimeter or zoning a room. This is beneficial for kitchens combined with dining rooms for American-style interiors, for study room design, etc. Also, a very beautiful and practical option can be considered ceramic tiles similar to wood.

Imitation wood porcelain tiles are used not only for floors, they look great on walls, baseboards, facades. The wide field of application of the material made it popular in the construction market, the quality of the artificial stone is constantly being improved, today it meets the most demanding requirements of buyers.