Why You Should Install Engineered Timber Flooring For Your Home?

Choosing the right flooring option is one of the most important decisions for the homeowners and a lot of people find it hard to choose the right flooring option during the renovation. Since there are numerous options starting from hardwood, terrazzo or carpet available, it is necessary to choose the right product considering the aesthetics and performance.

5 Reasons to choose engineered timber flooring:

Engineered timber flooring has become popular in recent years and it is slightly different from solid timber flooring. Engineered timber flooring uses layers of woods and the top layer is made of solid hardwood. Engineered timber flooring looks attractive and there are other advantages behind the same.

  1. Durable

Durability is one of the primary concerns for the homeowners, and engineered timber flooring is highly impact-resistant and durable that makes it a preferred choice in recent years. In addition, users often complain about expansion in traditional hardwood due to variations in temperature and humidity, but engineered timber flooring uses layers of woods that won’t expand like the hardwood flooring. Users can apply hard wearing oil coating in order to enhance the durability. Apart from that, engineered timber flooring is scratch resistant and you can easily maintain such flooring without any additional cost.

  1. Various Uses

Engineered timber flooring can be used in different places and that’s the biggest advantage of using it. One can also use engineered timber flooring in front of large windows or underfloor heating where hardwood can’t be used. It can be also used as wide boards for reducing the gaps and these applications have made it a perfect choice for the users. Even you can install engineered timber flooring in the high traffic area, and they can easily bear heavy footprint.

  1. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is one of the most vital factors that need to be considered and engineered timber flooring features warm and elegant appearance similar to solid hardwood floorings. There are many people who think that nothing can be better than solid hardwood for its distinct appeal, but we must admit that engineered timber flooring looks attractive and there are other advantages as well that makes it a perfect choice for the users. A lot of people ask about the real feel of wooden flooring and with engineered timber flooring users can get the real feel of solid hardwood flooring.

  1. Cost

The cost is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing the right flooring for your home. Classic hardwood flooring has a distinct appeal, but it is expensive, and you have to spend a lot for installing hardwood flooring. Engineered timber flooring looks like solid hardwood and it is cheaper than the hardwood flooring. In case of a tight budget, people should take a look on engineered timber flooring and installation process is faster and cost-effective than hardwood flooring installation.

  1. Environmental Concern

Engineered timber flooring is CARB2 compliant and this is the best thing about it. CARB2 compliance is the most stringent indoor air quality guideline on this planet and in case you are concerned about indoor air quality, you can check the CARB2 compliance before taking the final decision. 

These are the key reasons to install engineered timber flooring for your home and all the above-mentioned tips have been shared by the industry professionals. Engineered timber flooring is available in a wide variety and effects and people can choose a suitable product considering their purpose. So now you can search for the best quality engineered timber flooring online and contact your nearest designer. You can choose different types of color and shades for your flooring, and you can easily install such flooring within two to three days.

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