Why You Should Choose Red Velvet Cake to Impress Your Partner

Why You Should Choose Red Velvet Cake to Impress Your Partner

Red is the color for love and it catches the eyes of the person you love. A beautiful day with your partner on their achievement or any other happiest moment in their life could be enjoyed with cakes, to add an extra delight the cake will be more exotic if the choice is a red velvet cake. These cakes are traditionally in red, red-brown, and crimson with ermine icing.

The traditional red velvet cakes do not use food color and the common ingredients include buttermilk, butter, cocoa, vinegar, and flour. Beetroot or red food is used to give the color. These flame cakes are thought to be originated in Maryland in the 19th century. Some reasons to choose them are listed below.

1. Visual stimuli  

A human being is always inspired by visual stimuli before tasting the food. It is always said that “we eat food with eyes before tasting it” on that perspective red velvet cake gives us a visual treat. The color of a food can change the taste experience to some extent and this flavor has a wonderful taste in it. The luxury and the way it is presented fills our mind and taste buds with immense pleasure. It remains the best eye-catcher.

2. Availability

These cakes are available all over the world 24×7. There is no need to wait to surprise your partner as one can buy red velvet cake online. One can customize the food according to the quantity and type of icing that they wish for. All the stores have their online websites where we could place orders and get them delivered at our doorstep. There are secured transactions and non-contact delivery available at all bakeries. 

Do not worry about the quality as they are always prepared fresh and served with hygiene. It can be stored for 5 days if placed in an airtight container. Hence the freshness of the cake can’t be doubted. 

3. Cousin cocoa cakes

Does your partner love chocolate cake? Haven’t he tasted red velvet yet? Then don’t worry surprise him with red velvet. They will like its flavor as the above two are called cousins with the same history but a surprising difference between them. Both of them use cocoa powder, the flame ones use natural cocoa power while the chocolaty use Dutch-process cocoa. The cousins differ in the cocoa, the liquid used, and color.

The velvety uses buttermilk as its liquid whereas its cousin uses hot coffee, boiling water, or sour cream. Choose your favourite cousin!

4. Heart-healthy

Make the heart of your loved one healthy with red velvet cake. Apart from buttermilk and cocoa that goes into it, they can also be made with beetroot powder. This beet is a great alternative to shops that rely on food dye and it gives it a natural blood color. These beets are rich in vitamin C and boost the immune system. It reduces blood pressure and also contributes to increased stamina. The natural sweetness adds an extra punch to its flavor.

5. Soul food

The flame cake is considered as a “soul food”. These cakes have their origin during World War II, here the items were rationed and people used beetroot juices in their cakes. So, it is served during the Emancipation day or freedom day and serves as a reminder to those people who lost their lives during slavery and civil war. They stand as a symbol for the abolition of slavery. So, buy red velvet cake online to impress your true soul partner.

Flame ending

There are so many reasons to buy a red velvet cake to impress your partner and share the unshared emotions on their special day. A true soul never disappoints a loved one, similarly, this soul food will never fail to make you happy. They serve as a historical remembrance and its fame should be taken forward to all our generations. Let’s enjoy the flavor and essence of love.

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