Health and Fitness · February 12, 2020

Why UV Water Purifiers Is The Best Choice For Any Home?

Due to the aging infrastructure of the city, the functionalities are not updated with time. Moreover, the increasing population is there to cause pollution all over. From air to water, nothing is safe now. It is considered as a dangerous act to drink water directly from the source. On the other hand, to cope up with the fast lifestyle, you will rarely get time to boil and filter the water at home. Though boiling is a good way to kill all the germs, it is quite time taking process that involves lots of hassle. That’s why the modern-day water purifiers come up with lots of features to help you to get pure and safe water from just one touch. As there are so many varieties of water filters available in the market, how to understand which one is good for you. From many technologies like RO and UF, you can select the UV water purification system. If you want to know, how it is useful and what the advantages of this purification system are, then you have to take a look at the following section. However, before that, find out more about UV Water Purifiers and its functionalities;

What is UV Water Purifier?

The tap water we receive in our home mostly contaminated with different types of germs. It has been seen that bacteria like E-coli, diarrhea, cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, jaundice and many others are found in tap water. All of these pathogens will make us sick if we drink the water without any purification system. It can be said that even the RO purifier is not able to filter the water from the viruses every time. In the UV Water Purifiers, there is an Ultraviolet torch from where the UV rays will come up. When the water passes through the ray, it kills all the bacteria and germs. This is the most accepted and updated way to disinfectant the water from viruses. It can be said that the ray kills almost 99.9% of germs. You need minimum electricity to light up the torch to get safe water to consume.

Why UV Water Purifier is the Best Choice for a Home?

The Ultraviolet ray water purifier is mostly recommended by health enthusiasts as there are many advantages to it. 1. The UV Water Purifiers are quite cost-effective comparing to the RO Water Purifier. The price and installation charges are affordable by most of the people. Moreover, it consumes very little electricity as the UV bulb is about 60 watts only. It is equivalent to a normal light bulb. 2. Another excellent feature of the UV filtration system is that it does not use any sort of chemical as it is a completely organic process. The taste and color of the water are unchanged after filtration. 3. As there is no chemical involved in this process, there is no scope of damaging the pipe. Hence, the maintenance cost is quite low for it. 4. It gives instantly safe water without any waiting time. You just need to switch on the machine and get fresh water at the same time.