Education · February 17, 2021

Why more students are choosing Canada & Australia over US & UK – Rudraksh Immigration Group Mohali explains!

The students wanting to pursue higher education outside India generally prefer US and UK. In fact, US has been the favourite destination for Indian students to pursue higher education. The students enrol themselves in STEM programs and complete higher education with a wide variety of career prospects. Over 60% of potential students went to US five years ago. Now, this number has dropped drastically to just below 45%.

Similarly, the number of students deciding to start their education in UK has almost remained same for the longest time, indicating the lack of interest in studying in the UK. Instead, the number of students opting for Canada and Australia has risen multiple times. There are a lot of reasons for this trend but we shall focus on the absolute key factors contributing to this trend.

Pro-immigration policies of Canada and Australia

Canada has the policy of Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) since 2006 which allows students to collect relevant experience in the field of study. This experience will be counted as an asset and the students will be able to apply for permanent residency with this experience. This means that the students can work after their study is over without having to worry about getting deported immediately after the completion of their course.

This way every student can search for jobs in a relaxed manner and must not rush into getting just any job to satisfy the official obligations. This provides excellent career prospects to students, which has resulted in a ton of Indian students opting to go to Canada and Australia in the first place.

International Politics

Everyone is aware of the fact that UK has opted out of the EU which has resulted in significant immigration policy changes of the UK. UK abolished the post-study work rights of the students and this cause a massive decline in the number of students opting UK as their preference to pursue higher education there. Having said that, a lot of students still go there, who plan to come back.

They just go there to get some good experience and education from top universities in the world. After having gained a professional degree and sufficient knowledge in any particular field, they return back to India and start their own companies here. That has been a recent trend, where students come back and contribute to the economy of India and improve various things in India with the help of new technology.

All-in-all Rudraksh Immigration Mohali has detailed knowledge about the changing immigration policies of all the major student destinations around the globe. With over 27 years of experience in this field, they have the latest news of which country is offering which facility and can prepare students to travel there accordingly.