Why Is There A Sudden Surge In Palladium Popularity?

Why Is There A Sudden Surge In Palladium Popularity?

Among the four major precious metals in the world, palladium is fast becoming the most valuable one in the market today. According to reports, the acute shortage of this rare metal can cause its prices to skyrocket rates. It is now commonly used as one of the essential components when creating devices to control the pollution emitted by vehicles. Because of this, investors who often buy palladium online can see their prices doubling almost annually. The price even surpassed the rate of gold in shops nowadays. 

But what makes palladium more popular than the other precious metals in today’s market? Here are the driving forces that catapulted this rare metal into its sudden rise.  

The Origin And Uses Of Palladium

The shiny silvery-white material belongs to the platinum group of metals, together with platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, and osmium. Its primary source is the mines located in South Africa and Russia, where miners generally extract it as a secondary product after focusing on other essential metals like nickel or platinum. 

Approximately 85% of this metal ends up in car manufacturing facilities. They use it as a critical material to make devices that turn harmful pollutants into water vapour and carbon dioxide. Other industries also use palladium for different purposes. For example, dentists use a small amount of palladium to create dental amalgam. Also, photographers use palladium salts as an alternative when making high-end black-and-white prints using the platinotype printing process. It is also common in jewellery-making. 

Why Is Palladium Becoming More Expensive? 

The palladium supply cannot cope up with the rapid increase in demand. More governments all over the world require car manufacturers to make environment-friendly vehicles to curb pollution, which is why they need more palladium to comply with the regulations. Since palladium is only a byproduct of other metals like nickel and platinum, miners cannot produce enough material to meet the demand of the market. Because of this reason, the rarity of this metal makes its prices increase annually. 

Reports also claimed that speculators could influence the price increase of palladium. According to Bloomberg, the hedge funds speculated that the prices for this lustrous white metal would rise since August 2018. It also reached a staggering amount due to the decision of metal investors to withdraw metals and have it leased to different industries at predominant rates.  

Is The Palladium Price Often Unstable? 

Like most metals, the market prices of palladium online will always be volatile. All precious metals that have an essential role in car manufacturing have a repeated history of spiking prices, especially when the demand surpasses the supply. During the late 1990s, the same thing happened in the amounts of platinum and rhodium. That time, the prices of these metals soared over 500% or more. The rates only stabilised when carmakers discovered ways to minimise the use of these metals.  

Despite the unsteady supply of palladium from the manufacturers, investors still believe that spending their money on this metal can be a wise move. Experts even predicted that the price of this rare metal would continue to grow in the next couple of years. For this reason, investors may opt to allocate their investments by purchasing palladium online to secure their stocks. They only need to make sure that they will transact with reputable companies when purchasing precious metals like palladium.  

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