Lifestyle · December 22, 2022

Why Is A Blue Quartz Called A Blue Quartz?

Have you ever wondered why a Blue Quartz is called a Blue Quartz? The answer is simple: it’s because the stone has a unique, bluish hue that makes it stand out from other quartz crystals. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different factors that give this crystal its beautiful blue color and what sets it apart from other varieties of quartz. We’ll also discuss the many uses for Blue Quartz and why it’s become so popular in recent years. Read on to learn more about this stunning crystal.

The Origin Of The Name

The blue quartz is also known as a star ruby, which is an interesting name for this beautiful crystal. The term “star ruby” comes from the unique star-shaped pattern that appears when you look at the quartz through a light source. This phenomenon is called asterism, and it’s what gives the quartz its distinct appearance and earned it the name “star ruby.” The star pattern is made up of tiny rutile needles, which are actually responsible for the dazzling reflection when the light hits them. This makes the star ruby an incredibly special gemstone, one that has been valued and admired throughout history.

The Characteristics Of A Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is a rare form of quartz that is characterized by its bright blue color. Its name comes from the Greek word “sapphirus”, which means blue stone. Blue quartz is known for its transparency and crystal clarity. It is composed of various minerals and has a slightly sparkly appearance due to the reflection of light from the small quartz particles. It often has a star-like pattern known as asterism, which is created when light reflects off of a thin layer of rutile inclusions. This phenomenon is also seen in star rubies.

Blue quartz can be found in various locations around the world, but it is most commonly found in Brazil, India, and Madagascar. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and can be cut into cabochons, beads, and tumbled stones. Blue quartz is thought to have healing properties, such as enhancing mental clarity and aiding in emotional healing.

The Significance Of The Color

The color blue is often associated with relaxation, trust, and peace. Blue quartz, also known as star ruby, reflects this significance of color perfectly. The beautiful combination of blue and white within the stone symbolizes the power of healing and balance in one’s life. It is said that when you wear star ruby, you are open to receive divine guidance and wisdom from the universe. The blue quartz also has been said to be a reminder to take time for yourself and to appreciate your natural talents and abilities. The color can also be a reminder to stay connected with the spiritual side of life.

The Healing Properties Of Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is often associated with a number of healing properties, making it a popular choice for crystal healing. It is believed to be helpful in improving mental clarity, connecting one to their inner wisdom, and cultivating tranquility. Blue quartz is also said to be beneficial in providing emotional balance and calming energy. It can help to amplify the energy of other crystals, making it a great addition to any healing practice.

The star ruby variety of blue quartz has unique energies that are said to support both physical and spiritual health. It is believed to enhance creativity, increase feelings of joy and gratitude, as well as promote mental alertness and clarity. Star ruby is also believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, and success. Furthermore, it can help to protect one from negative energies and clear blocked energy pathways.