Business · December 1, 2022

Why Hire Small Business Lawyers in Alberta

Alberta is one of the best cities in Canada to start a business. It is the ideal place to start your business because it has the lowest business tax rate in Canada. Though, if you are a small business owner- chances are you already know all of that.  

But what you might not know is how prone are small businesses to collapsing due to some legal issue. All businesses must deal with legal issues, but small businesses frequently have other priorities than their legal obligations. Therefore, it is important to have small business lawyers in Alberta on your side to safeguard your company from any ensuing legal actions.

Who Are Small Business Lawyers?
A small business lawyer, as the name implies, has expertise in providing legal counsel to small business owners. This kind of lawyer participates in all areas of law such as contracts law, tax law, intellectual property law and many more. 

A general business lawyer may be the best choice for your needs if your business doesn’t deal with unusual situations. You might wish to select a more specialized lawyer if you are unsure that your business will be protected in certain circumstances. For example, if you are a tech start-up, it is important that your lawyer is well-versed and has experience dealing with fintech laws.

Why Hire Small Business Lawyers?

● Business Structure
Not every business is the same. You have the choice of forming a corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, single or general partnership, joint venture, or limited partnership.

Setting up the proper business structure for a small business and acquiring the appropriate licenses are essential; failure to do either or both could result in significant penalties or legal action, or even result in the closure of the business.

● Drafting And Vetting Contracts
You can not avoid legal paperwork when you are running a business. And while you might think that it is something that you could handle on your own, chances are that you might mess up somewhere- resulting in potential lawsuits. 

A good example of this is when small business owners hire employees without any contract or agreement. A small business can expect future lawsuits if it doesn’t engage in a formal agreement or contract. There may be some period when the employer and employee have no problems.

However, issues could develop at some point. Without any kind of written agreement outlining the rights and regulations of the employee, a nasty and expensive legal battle could emerge.

● Intellectual Property Rights
As a business owner, you need to protect your intellectual property. Every company should register a trademark for its logo and further distinguish brand characteristics. A lawyer can help you with all the nits and grits of that.

Additionally, you would need to patent any new technology that you are using and have created. But since patents are more intricate, it can be expensive to make a mistake. To navigate the patent process, a patent law specialist lawyer can be extremely helpful.

● Protect Your Business
Reputation is important to small businesses. One negative review can abruptly stop a small business’s expansion. A small business lawyer might be able to get a court order compelling the removal of offensive web postings. A lawyer may submit a cease and desist order to the offender as a quicker approach to attract their attention.

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