Who is the Top Vendor for Armored Car Services in Southern California?

Who is the Top Vendor for Armored Car Services in Southern California?

Southern California’s most reliable cash logistics company offers other related services like multinational cash management and change order management. Their long list of satisfied customers relies on them for their cash management solutions. The company, founded in ’82, has proved its reliability in logistics for large volumes of banknotes and offers solutions for cash management across verticals.

Rely on word-of-mouth for identifying the best vendor

Managers searching the internet for ‘armored car services near me’ will be flooded with a list of results for vendors in the business. When transporting large volumes of cash across the city, you require a company with a proven track record. The best bet is to rely on word-of-mouth rather than online customer testimonials. If a friend from another company is advocating a particular cash logistics company based on their experience, it’s better than search engine results with the possibility of fake reviews.

Most armored cars for cash logistics are trucks that are modified to carry up to half a billion dollars without being vulnerable to attacks. Like their name suggests, they are bulletproof from all sides and guarded by one or two security personnel apart from a driver. These guards are usually armed and wear bulletproof vests when supervising the transportation of cash. Though such large volumes of cash are not moved from one vault to the other regularly, the trucks have a capacity for this volume of notes.

Better to be safe than sorry

Banks today are facing a decline in hard cash transactions and try to keep money in their vaults as per requirement only. The excess cash is transported to a safe vault away from the branch in the city. Once the money is handed over to the vendor for cash logistics, it becomes their responsibility. The security guards and cash are covered by insurance.

Usually, large banks do not exceed $200,000 in cash at a particular branch and request armored car services after a threshold amount is crossed in the vault. They can also order change as per their requirement from the vendor. When searching online for ‘armored car services near me’ look at the other solutions offered to avoid the complexity of hiring multiple vendors with distributed accountability. Some vendors that provide cash logistics services are also experts at ATM management, including cash replenishment. Working with a single vendor makes coordination more straightforward and eliminates the need to share instructions with multiple SPOCs. Speaking to different vendors for cash transportation and ATM cash replenishment can be time-consuming and confusing.

Shifting the excess volumes of cash to a heavily guarded vault is a relief for bank employees and lowers the chances of robbery. Multinational companies and other businesses also avail of the cash management services of armored car companies in California. It is not only cash but also other valuables that can be transported in these vehicles built to protect their payload. Employees can focus their attention on their core activities rather than worry about ATMs and vaults with huge cash volumes.

Judging by the results for ‘armored car services near me, you will realize there are more than a handful of vendors for cash logistics but very few with solutions for other related services. The top vendor for Southern California offers various services related to cash and change plus an e-Deposit solution.

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