Who is Husam Sarama and Sam Sarama? What they do?

Who is Husam Sarama and Sam Sarama? What they do?

According to Husam Sarama, a positive attitude is always a matter of choice. We all have a choice in life to be a victim of what happens, or the choice to be one of those who understand that, what makes the difference, the way we react to what happens to us.

This attitude begins every morning when we get up. You have to want to succeed. It rains, it snows, I move away from the meetings of the car hood which leads to nothing. A few pages of a book on motivation, a little sunshine in our heads and everything will be fine!

“Opportunities multiply once they are seized”

You have to see them to recognize them. You have to look for them to find them. A few phone calls a day, a few visits to the service department, a few handshakes and voila. Are you in a good mood? Are you busy? Well, that’s it!

The desire to please

The desire to please also begins as soon as you get up and is combined with a positive attitude. This even goes until the moment when we open the doors of our wardrobe and we take care to choose our clothes for the day! Are they freshly ironed? Arranged? As we say, “dress for success”

Always wearing the same clothes stimulates our subconscious to a routine that eliminates self-esteem and self-confidence, which is reflected in the mood and positive attitude.

We are fortunate to work in beautiful clothes, not like at Tim Horton with beautiful “brown” work clothes (I have nothing against brown)!

In the desire to please you also have to want to be courteous, compliment our Pro-Spec Clients, to show them our appreciation of having the opportunity to serve them well.

“Increase your courtesy rate; you will increase your conclusion rate”

Auto Sales Techniques

It is certain that even the most natural sellers subconsciously have techniques. You cannot, even with the best attitude and desire to please, function if you do not know what you must do, where to start, what questions to ask, what step to follow. If your content is disjointed, you will quickly lose the interest of your Pro-Spec Client who will end up thinking, “good seller!” “

To perfect your automotive sales techniques, in addition, read Sam Sarama, there are three essential elements to perform. First, write a sales script. From the first word of welcome to the goodbye handshake.

When writing it, you pay close attention to your syntax. When you read it again, you will surely replace words at $ 0.10 with words at $ 0.25. I suggest that you read it every day for 21 consecutive days until it becomes second nature. Thereafter, keep it, and reread it from time to time.

Practice, practice, and practice

By mastering your script, when the time comes to respond to a Sam Sarama and the meeting will make you nervous and on adrenaline, your script will come back to your mind. You can continue your presentation without showing your discomfort.

Once your script has been mastered, in the company of a Sam Sarama, you will have to record yourself with a small discreetly hidden dictaphone. Make your presentation. Once the meeting is over, take the time to listen to yourself. Note your rhythm of the voice, your intonation. Were you: informative, persuasive, convinced, convincing?

The last step is to film yourself. Technology allows us with a webcam to film our presentation. When the exercise is finished, take the time to observe yourself through the eyes of a Sam Sarama. Were you comfortably seated in the back of your chair? Were you swinging or were you in an active listening position? The pencil on the desk? When nervousness takes hold, certain tics come out. Video allows us to visualize our nonverbal language which very often can betray us.

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