Which is the most effective hair loss treatment in London?

Which is the most effective hair loss treatment in London?

Hair loss is surprisingly the most common issue faced by the young generation of the country. Losing hair is something that affects you up to your core. It worries you, upsets you and makes you lose hope.

It is normal for any of us to lose 50-100 hair per day. But, when you notice a constant hair loss, much more than the above-given figure, it is definitely due to some medical condition. Some medical conditions are permanent while others can be permanent. The genetic issues are not curable as such.

That is why; the need for an effective hair loss treatment in London emerges.

You need an effective treatment if:

  • You are facing a sudden hair loss.
  • You have noticed some bald patches in your head.
  • You are losing hair in clumps.
  • There is some itching and burning on your scalp.

Out of all the popular treatments, Hair transplant is the most effective and recognizable treatment for hair loss.

Hair Transplant in London

The celebrities initiated this trend and it gained popularity like crazy. Hair transplant is done to add more hair on your scalp. In this procedure, doctors take hair follicles from the backside of the head and implant them on the bald areas.

It is considered as the best hair loss treatment as it does not cause any side effects and the results are permanent. Moreover, it is a one-shot treatment. You get your hair back in one or two sittings. The treatment does not last for months or years. The results are instant and satisfying.

People often say that a hair transplant in London is expensive. But, again the same thing. As it is a one-shot treatment, patients need to invest money for once only. On the contrary, other treatments and medicines are quite expensive and they last for months and years. You can calculate the amount required for these treatments.

How reliable Hair transplant is?

The success rate of hair transplant is much higher than any other hair restoration technique. Take a look at these facts:

  • Around 10-80% transplanted hair grow back in 3 months.
  • Much like your regular hair, the transplanted hair will also become thin over time.
  • The efficiency of hair transplant decreases if the hair follicles are in the dormant state. Plasma therapy is suggested for these clients.

Hair transplant is most effective for treating people who have suffered from the following issues:

  • Widespread thinning and baldness
  • Hair loss due to chemotherapy and medications
  • Thick scalp scars from injuries.

What is the cost of Hair Transplant treatment?

The cost of a hair transplant varies from clinic to clinic or person to person. The final cost is affected by different persons including:

  • The extent of the transplant procedure.
  • Availability of surgeons in your area.
  • Experience of the surgeon.
  • The Surgical technique you’re chosen.

Moreover, this is a cosmetic procedure it is not covered by your health insurance. The final cost also includes aftercare medications and bandages.

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