Business · March 25, 2020

What the Future of Work Will Look Like in 2030?

Workplace culture is changing, and it’s changing at an unprecedented rate with more and more employees now expecting increased workplace flexibility over remuneration and other financial gains. As per a CBRE and Genesis report, the future work trends will favor agile and lean organizations and holistic employees.

The same report stated – 78% of youth find the happiness of paramount importance over financial success. The present-day employees like to spend time with their respective families, and hence, take downtime, at regular intervals. They do expect to work at multiple organizations in their career.

What to Expect from 2030 Workplaces & What Needs Workforce Will Have?

Your Role

Those who are about to enter generation Z, or are already a distinct part of it, have not even heard of their 2030 designation yet. Why? Because it is still to be invented!

World Economic Forum said that 35% of the skills that are presently demanded in the job market will change by 2030. And 65% of the population born today will be holding job designations that simply don’t exist today.

With technology impacting every single job across industries, 2030 job titles would include names unheard of, like digital death manager, urban shepherd, or a microbial gut bacteria balancer.

The IT industry is set to grow manifolds having been impacted by the constantly emerging new technologies like Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science.

What Will Be the Hiring Trends of 2030?

The leadership in HR will also change significantly relying heavily on the use of technology. Find what methodologies human resource leaders will apply to hire talent:

  • You will get hired through on-demand applications that will automatically match your skillset with the best available opportunity in the job market.
  • Your medical, performance, and lifestyle data will get pulled out of the central global database by the HR managers, and the basis that your suitability will be defined.
  • Artificial Intelligence will play a critical role in the future of HR practice, as with its assistance, hr people will be able to implement a fair hiring structure where algorithms will take care of the biases made, and rampant disparities in pay among genders.

Your Co-Workers

A majority of your colleagues will be outsourced talent coming from varied geographies and cultures. They will work with you for a specific duration on a project or two, and will then push off to some other project at some other organization.

Gig-economy will thrive in the 2030s.

Your Workplace

  • Expect specially carved out quiet zones catering to varied moods of employees.
  • You might find a red room with floor to ceiling screens providing immersive experiences, meant for creative work.
  • In the future of work, availability of collaborative spaces at workplaces to conduct physical meetings, or to catch up with the VR (virtual reality), will be the norm.


  • Smart-ID badges will be assigned to the workforce of the future that will track employee-interactions.
  • AI will help minimize the need for the time-consuming and non-essential office meetings by automating a majority of the daily tasks at work.
  • Artificial Intelligence as an assisting technology will record and collect data related to performance management. And hence, work promotions will get even fairer.

However, nobody can predict the future with absolute certainty, the best way out to be prepared for the future is continuous training and self-development.