Digital marketing · July 1, 2022

What SEO Niche Vacancies are there in India and Do They Suit You?

Are you a natural SEO professional? What to do to acquire an SEO job of your dream? What SEO vacancies are open at the moment in India? You will find the answers in our article.

Could you imagine the world without search engines? Would you be able to locate a web store offering a product you’re looking for at the cheapest price or find the nearest physician without it? Happily, Google and some less-known search engines exist. And that is why website owners always need a specialist able to promote their sites to the top of SERP (search engine ranking page).

Usually, each website owner is eager to solve one’s specific task – to create+publish a new content, build backlinks, optimize a website by the target keywords, analyse the competitors etc. So there are several vacancies matching each of those tasks. Below are the most common of them.

SEO analyst

Such specialists are responsible for preserving the current positions of a website in Google as well as keeping the content up to date. They monitor the actual methods of website promotion and implement them on a client’s website. SEO analysts would track website performance in terms of visits, the number of pages visited, reaching the goals etc. Possible technical errors such as invalid sitemap or broken links are also within their scope of attention.

SEO Manager
This is a typical position in a digital agency serving dozens of clients. Usually they are responsible for the execution of the approved plan of action (SEO strategy) by subcontracted specialists including SEO analysts, copywriters, link builders, designers etc. This is a nexus between a client and a technical team. Sometimes an SEO Manager would keep an eye on finance as well.

SEO Content Writer (a.k.a. Copy Writer)
As before, the content continues to be the key element of the success of a website. It is crucial to publish new content constantly keeping an eye on competitors in the Top10 – news, articles, blog posts etc. The primary requirement for each piece of the content is its’ uniqueness, i.e. it shouldn’t be simply copied from a competitor’s site. The content should be optimized by niche terms used by competitors, stuffing an article with the target keyword has not worked for years. An SEO copywriter should keep it all in mind while working under the supervision of an SEO Analyst who provides technical specs for each piece of content.

SEO Link Builder
External backlinks are the 2nd crucial factor to ensure the ranking of a website at the Google top. Besides increasing a website’s visibility, backlinks also contribute to domain authority which is very important. SEO Link Builder acquires new backlinks from niche websites, blogs and forums, website/article directories etc. It’s a kind of partnership management position in terms of backlinks building. Such specialist negotiates with webmasters and blog owners and keeps an eye on backlinks indexed by Google trying to exclude the irrelevant ones possibly published by competitors.

SEO Consultant (or Expert)
This is usually a freelance position. SEO Expert is a very experienced specialist able to solve almost any problem – from increasing the number of pages indexed by Google to composing technical specs for a content writer by a defined region/keyword. The final goal is still the same – high positions in Google search results and target visitors to the website buying a product or service offered. SEO Consultants are mostly hired to conduct a website audit, competitors’ websites analysis, and provide recommendations on how to improve website rankings.

Is an SEO Job Your Dream?

In the digital age any company is eager to see its website in the Google top so the demand for an SEO specialist is high and continues to rise. The point is to decide for yourself if it is really what you like. See a few pros and cons that will help you to understand.

PRO Well-paid – if you’re able to get the best results

CON Complicated. Ranking algorithms of search engines are modified constantly. As often as 1k+ times a year. You should track them and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

PRO A wide variety of tasks to solve. As we showed in the previous section, there is a great diversity of opportunities for an SEO professional. You may work in any niche and if you have at least a basic Spanish or French a chance to diversify will grow.

CON It will take a considerable time to become a professional. You will need to examine hundreds of websites, and master a dozen of SEO tools, to collect thousands of keywords before that variety becomes available.

PRO You are learning all the time. If you are the one who looks for self-development, SEO is right for you.

CON It demands patience, no rush is allowed – especially for young websites. Sometimes it may take weeks, or even months for your work to bear fruit.

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