What Oz of Custom Boxing Gloves are Best for Training?

What Oz of Custom Boxing Gloves are Best for Training?

For a very long time, boxing makes it to the top of the most played sports. Pairing a snug glove with the best weight plays a major role when it comes to helping boxers with the knockout quality they are searching for in their training equipment. It is true, before stepping into the ring, choosing the best pair of boxing gloves is highly important. It ensures performance and the best protection to the fists during training.

Similar to every other protective gear, when you have boxing gloves, they perform best when sized properly. In custom boxing gloves, the options are many and the styles of boxing gloves range from general trainers to those ideals for professionals to fight in bouts.  If you are planning to step into the ring soon, you should know that the first step is to have proper boxing gloves with you. By understanding the right size of the boxing gloves, and the style, you will be closer to adding to perfect swing into your daily boxing routine.

Before you buy your first pair, here are some of the important things you should know about the sizing and the glove styles you choose.

The Measurements of the Right Boxing Glove Size

When you choose boxing gloves, you should ensure they fit snug on your hand. To help you identify the best boxing gloves for training, you need to understand that the sizes are often in ounces. These range from 6oz. mitts to 20oz gloves (heavyweight). To determine the appropriate size suitable for you, you will need to have three measurements with you. These include your height, weight, and your dominant hand’s circumference.

Although it is easier to determine weight and height with a scale and tape, getting the measurement of your hand’s circumference could be somewhat like a challenge. The best way to determine the circumference of your hand is by using a fabric tape measure. Use it to measure around the open area on your dominant hand, below the knuckles. To get a clear number, your tape should meet in your palm center. To measure the perfect fit, the hand circumference is a clear indicator compared to the weight and height.

The Weight of Custom Boxing Gloves

Keep in mind that the size of the boxing gloves that you choose such as one from Infinitude Fight is highly important. As mentioned the gloves can measure anywhere from 6-20 ounces (children-heavyweights). However, the size that professionals often prefer weighs 10 ounces.

  • For training, the standard sizes are 12, 14, and 16 ounces. For better protection, go for the heavier sized glove.
  • If you are using a 10oz glove, you may find that the sparring glove may be heavier when you compare it to the usual ones. It should also improve your speed in the competition ring when you go down to the other sizes.

For the sizing, here’s a basic guide according to the weights.

  • 6oz – this is suitable for children around the ages of 5-7 years
  • 8oz -this is ideal for women (teenagers)
  • 10oz – this size is ideal as a starter size for women and men, used in competitions
  • 12oz- a starter size, preferable for men
  • 14oz – ideal for sparring, practice, and heavyweight
  • 16oz- heavyweight boxers use these or experienced boxers

Adding more padding to the gloves has an effect on the weight. If you are planning to have an intense bout, then heavier gloves are best because they will offer better protection.

The next step is to determine the right style of glove.

Training Gloves

These are perfect as all-around options for those people who are new to the boxing sport. They have sufficient padding and good for bag work and sparring. For novice fighters and veteran fighter alike, these introduce generous support.

Sparring Gloves

Compared to training gloves, these are just for sparring and they come with extra padding. This is ideal not only for the protection it offers you but also your partner in sparring. The sizing of this is the same as trainer gloves, but just slightly heavier because of the extra padding.

Competition Boxing Gloves

These gloves get their design keeping competition in mind. They have less padding in the knuckles, built for opponents to feel the strikes. These styles come in two levels, amateur and professional. The amateur gloves have stricter regulations because of the rules. The best way to identify these is by their colors often in red or blue along with white colored knuckles. This helps the judges to better score the fighters.

Before you buy custom boxing gloves, good advice for you is to choose the gloves only after you visit a gym and test each one. Once you have an idea of the weights and styles, you will be able to choose the best oz. or weight. Check out the padding, the comfort, and the material of the boxing gloves, which should be pure leather. The glove should be snug fit and have adjustable wrist straps for better grip.

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