Digital marketing · November 29, 2019

What is User-generated content and Its Role in Marketing

The generation has flipped its sides from being targeting the customers to making them the darts. Now, there is nothing better than creating your bull’s eye on social media to create a customer-centric sensation. Let your brand roar through your customers’ voice by making them your heartfelt branding partners. It’s time to put out the brand’s UGC game to make the best out of customers. 

‘User Generated Content’ is something or anything which your customers contribute to the unpaid media for brand promotion. This means to let your customers share their ‘happy user’ posts on social media to create an unintentional yet positive marketing impact. 

Being a global brand, creating authenticity and delighting the customers comes on the top of priorities. But now, let’s bring out happy customers on to the frontstage to engage your brand on the social media trends.

UGC- A Boost for User Engagement

In this era, where businesses are taking digital marketing seriously, content plays a very crucial role in grabbing customer attention. But what smart content marketers are aiming at, can change the game for the good. User-generated content is the trending tool to give thrust digital marketing ideas. 

Here is how UGC increases user engagement…

Original never fades

The content we get from the users are genuine and has no price tags. They come out with their genuine intention to share their feelings about the product on social media. It is original. It gives you the authority to use it for the optimization of your digital advantage.

And, also the psychological fact of users believe in fellow users who have experience with the product or service. So, the content which comes from the users is best to make it trustworthy and will sell it by itself. UGC helps create a feeling of reliability on the brand.

Audience Engagement

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now a second home for the youth worldwide. As they spend more time on their smartphones and their thumbs swiping over the screens, it would let you make your precious presence on the web with UGC.

With every customer making an online presence for the brand, they can create an influence on their friends and family to purchase the products from your brand. With such a high reach of audience engagement, It keeps the brand name active on the search engine rankings.

Bounce Reduction

Any content you create for your website has a major vision to get more users to visit the website. Let it be the SEO emphasized blogs or UGC, they serve as clickbait to improve the search engine visibility. But UGC has an evident advantage, as it keeps the visitors stick around the website for a longer period.

There has been a vital decrease in the bounce rate as the brands use hashtag competitions for UGC generation via social media.

A Community to connect

Give your loyal customers a chance to flaunt the brand. It builds trust within them and keeps them walk on the way along. While you give them an official platform to shine, they would rely more on your brand to get more of such opportunities. 

With such a trust-building relationship with the users, it would help make online and offline communities sharing the love for the brand. It gives aspiring users a chance to be a part of the community and gets a credible platform to share their experience with the brand.

Monetary Results

The major focus on the falling bounce rate and boosting engagement are because these are the key performance indicators for a brand. These should bring a positive impact on leads and sales. That is it the final result we are seeking through them. UGC is an important tool to drive conversions towards the upright on the graph. 

As per statistics, eCommerce clients who interact with a user-generated customer photo on a site are 9.6% more likely to convert. 63% of shoppers trust customer photos more than brand or retailer photos.

Brand Advocacy

By using UGC in your digital marketing games, you can turn your customers into brand advocates. The brand gets the advantage to publish the user-generated content as social proof of the quality of its products and services. 

92% of consumers worldwide say they trust word-of-mouth more than any kind of advertising.

To Conclude With…

Initiating the UGC strategy is now easier with an experienced UGC platform in the market. They can share the word of mouth with impressive embedding for your website and social wall for events. 

This profitable marketing move can change the game with an overall positive impact, but the external flow of content is to be effectively controlled. When it comes to UGC, the brand has no right over the content as the customers own it. Social media aggregators function to filter out the perfect content by filtering out the unwanted content from the feed. Push your brand’s capability to surpass the limits with UGC-based digital marketing strategies to create an upgraded brand image.