Digital marketing · January 30, 2021

What is Structured Data? And Why Should You Implement It?

Structured data has been around us in the SEO world for a long time now. It’s been an exceptionally hot subject since the popular search engines created to standardize a list of properties. However, structured data still generates more questions than it answers for many in SEO. However, structured data still creates more questions than it solves for many in SEO. So, it becomes pivotal to understand what structured data is and why you should care about it while discussing your SEO services with the agency.

Structured data is a standardized method to present data about a website or a page. The schema also helps search engines better figure out what your content is about and how you have organized it.

What Google says about this fancy thing that you should also have:

In the Google developer resources, structured data is described as a form to provide data about a web page and to organize its content. And, as Google loves structured data and gives accurate search results, it is pretty important to have them on your pages.

Structured data gives Google the knowledge to know what a page is all about. Take an eCommerce store’s product information page, for example. This page will cover data for the stock such as

  • Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Features
  • Reviews

With unorganized data, Google doesn’t understand which is what and how to show it to visitors, and to simplify,  structured data comes for help. And following the content on a page lets Google add extra data in its search results.

Why they are important for your website and you should care about:

Higher CTR

Having rich snippets showing your products in the SERPs is an excellent way to improve click-through rates and bring more attentiveness to your products, particularly if you have great product reviews. Having rich snippets can also improve your conversions because if more visitors see your products and the listings are accurate, the possibility that they will buy from you will increase.

For employment sites, since Google started Google Jobs and corporations like ZipRecruiter have included structured job data, their jobs are gaining more rankings and conversion in Google jobs by appearing for related queries.

Google’s Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graphs are the signs of trust, and positive branding and that is another reason why having structured data is important. Google’s Knowledge Graph is an information-base of different business entities and the connections between them. Yourself, your company, and the inventory can all become things that are organized and influenced by structured data.

The most direct way of getting into the Knowledge Graph is by implementing a Knowledge Panel that gives more brand exposure and authority.

Win the Voice Search Queries

Getting featured snippets is the biggest treat a business can enjoy as it generates a ton of traffic for your company. Your site will arrive at the top of the search engine result page, even before the organic results. Having structured data isn’t a requirement, but it could sometimes support you to earn a featured snippet from Google’s algorithms. This can increase your click-through rates and drive more visitors. Voice search results are also taken from the featured snippets. This implies your site can be the only result for a voice search because Google uses those outcomes for voice answers.

Power of semantic search

Any good digital marketing company that provides advanced SEO services knows the importance of semantic search and they never skip on this. The semantic search concentrates on the purpose behind search questions rather than traditional keyword mapping and matching. It’s how Google leads to return perfect results when you search for anything different. This is because structured data helps Google to better understand what your pages are about, it may help them show up for more relevant search queries.

Helps in expertise, authoritativeness, and trust E-A-T concept

These three factors are what Google searches for on a web page and rank accordingly. The structured data can help your website to provide all the important information to Google about your website, its products, content, its authors, and makes the path for testing your E‑A-T factor easier.

Ways for you to implement the schema markups


JSON-LD is the easiest and the most effective way of doing this on your website. And, the good thing is this is the same format that Google recommends. It’s also the most straightforward to execute because there’s no need to add HTML components, as is the situation with other structured data formats. Instead, you can add JSON-LD as one complete block of code that gives complete information to Google.


Unlike JSON-LD, where organized data is in one big block of code, Microdata is distributed throughout the page to organize content on-the-way. This is also a popular method to try for optimizing the structure of a website. But this type of schema markups is only suitable for a smaller website that has a small set of information to show.


RDFa is considered as an advanced version of Microdata that helps in site structure optimization. You need to markup the HTML elements on the website pages, rather than giving markup in a big code block like JSON-LD. It’s apparently the least-used schema arrangement, but you will still irregularly find it because it’s used in Facebook’s Open Graph meta tags.

Along with adding those markups, it’s also important for you to test them if they are working fine or not. It’s crucial to test them before you make them live on the site. For testing, you can use many free tools available over the web. Once you implement this, your website will see a good improvement in rankings.

You can also ask your SEO Company in India to implement them for you so that you can work on other important factors. This is a fundamental technical aspect that you must work on and improve the site for attracting more visitors to your website without spending on marketing. Along with this, also make sure you are not repeating the codes on your website as it may create confusion for the crawlers.