Computer & Internet · May 4, 2022

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Today, robotic technology is used to create software bots. This technology is (RPA), which stands for Robotic Process Automation. Software bots have a great impact on the convenience of human work. You can turn trivial tasks in digital software into software bots to get things done by the bot. In this case, you can free up more time to do more important things. And since doing some affairs manually is very time-consuming and there is a possibility of human mistakes, it is better to use these software bots and be sure that these bots will do your work without any error.

About 15 years ago, the first bot maker software was created and got a lot of attention. That’s why some companies made such bots and introduced them to people. For example, Automation-Anywhere software, UiPath, and also the popular Virtual User software. This software is very useful for you to be able to automate your software affairs.

In this article, we want to talk about the Virtual User Bot which is very smart and has many unique features. Stay with us to know more about this Bot.

Advantages of the Virtual User Software Bot

  • Reducing staff and freeing up time by replacing bots with humans: Doing some affairs in companies can take a long time, and it is difficult for employees to do more important and technical work. Finally, if you use these software programs, you can save time.
  • Prevent the registration of incorrect information and fraud by entrusting the registration affairs to software bots: People may intend to manipulate and record incorrect information. If you leave this to the bot, no one else can manipulate this information.
  • Bots can work 24 hours a day without getting tired: Bots, like humans, do not need to rest, which allows them to work 24 hours a day.
  • Elimination of costs and damages caused by human mistakes: The existence of human mistakes in the work process of organizations is not far exceeded expectations and for preventing these mistakes, the use of these bot maker software programs is highly recommended. Because you provide the bot with tasks once and that bot does tasks forever without any changes.

As you know, bots will not get tired and they will work 24 hours a day, without getting tired and reduce the quality of work, faster than humans and without error, and are much better at performing repetitive processes than humans.

If you want more information refers to the virtual user website.

Pre-made Bots of Virtual User’s Website

  1. This bot can send bulk messages to your target audiences. You only need to provide the bot you’re your intended numbers and afterward, the bot will do the sending operation automatically. It can send photos, videos, links, and emojis with textual messages.
  2. This Bot has the possibility of sending bulk messages in groups and people’s private chats. In this case, you can advertise in this messenger. Telegram Bulk Message Sender is software that will be installed on your system and you will have full control over it. Because of that, you can send an unlimited number of messages, without paying any extra fee.
  3. Instagram Bot can advertise for you. It can send bulk messages to your target audiences. This Bot increases your followers, inserts comments, likes your desired post and increases the chance of entering Instagram explore.

So, as you know RPA technology is used for creating software bots that can make human affairs easier. We have mentioned some examples of software bots that we talked about Virtual User bot maker software and its pre-made bots above and we understood that they are smart and intelligent bots. In the following, we want to explain some unique features that made these bots advanced and intelligent.

Unique Features of the Virtual User Bots

In the Virtual User Software, it is possible to create a condition order with the result of the execution of each command (it can be determined what to do if a command is successful or unsuccessful). It is also possible to create conditions through control commands (commands such as Check Number, Excel Check Cell that check the amount of an Excel cell or a number to see if it is smaller than or equal to another number) and other similar condition commands that make management situations easier.

Virtual User software with numerical and textual variables (Definable in any quantity) and predefined system variables; It is like a folder of Program Files, My Documents, etc. The possibility of extensive use of these variables in almost all commands (especially control and conditional commands) allows the Bot to adapt to different systems and conditions.

  • Passing Captcha security codes

Many may not agree with this option, but if the Bot is to replace humans, it must be able to pass Captcha security codes like humans. Therefore, the ability to detect and insert Captcha security codes is included in the Virtual User software.

  • Ability to wait for special cases to decide and perform at the right time

Waiting and detecting the change of status of a specific control (for example, ticking a control), waiting and detecting the opening or closing of a specific window, waiting and detecting the filling of a specific field by the user, waiting and detecting the loading of web pages, Waiting and detecting the appearance or hiding of web page elements and others which are important things that Virtual User software is equipped with.

If you need these kinds of bots to automate your affairs and you want more information you can refer to the Virtual User website.