What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery

What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery is a procedure that helps men get rid of the look of enlarged breasts. The main reason men get breast reduction is due to the swelling of the tissue surrounding the breast area. Male reduction surgery is also known as Gynecomastia. From the high research, Gynecomastia is estimated to affect about 40-60% of all men. Resulting in the appearance of the abnormally enlarged breast. Swelling is caused by the male having abnormally high levels of estrogen in the body. This problem can come at any age from young boys to full-grown men. And also the possibility of the effect of only one breast or both.

If some men are affected by the overdeveloped breast than Gynecomastia plastic surgery is the best solution for that. If you are looking for a male reduction surgery with the best plastic surgeons, then go for the CI plastic surgery clinic. This is located at St Charles and Buffalo Grove. The best plastic surgeons in St Charles and Buffalo Grove working here. They are also known as the best Male Breast Reduction surgeons in St Charles and Buffalo Grove.

According to the best surgeons, the overdeveloped breast situation occurs because of hormonal imbalances. The breast is developed in men just like female and people start losing their confidence. So the best male reduction surgeons in St Charles provide the Gynecomastia plastic surgery in Buffalo Grove and St Charles. Because of the services CI Plastic clinic is leading as the top plastic surgery clinic in St Charles.

Being the best we provide all kinds of surgeries with the result of high success rate and natural beauty such as Tummy Tuck surgery in Buffalo Grove and St Charles, Thigh Lift Surgery. Body contouring in St Charles and Buffalo Grove, etc.

Male breast reduction is aimed at reducing breast size in men by removing excess skin and tissues around the breast area. According to the best Male reduction surgeons in St Charles, these surgeries are long-lasting in their effects if not completely permanent. The surgeries procedures firms and tighten the chest area, and bring physical satisfaction to the patient when their breasts no completely permanent. 

The procedure of the male reduction surgery: 

  • Here, in male reduction surgeries, there are two procedures exist either it is using Liposuction or using tissue Excision. Nowadays Plastic surgeons able to treat a growing number of Gynecomastia patients through a surgical procedure involving liposuction.  This is generally providing to be a less invasive technique when it comes to performing a Gynecomastia. The experience and skills of the best plastic surgeons in St Charles still play a big role in how well the procedures turn out using this less invasive technique. Generally, liposuction is done using a local anesthetic to numb the breast area during the procedure. 
  • More severe cases of Gynecomastia may require surgical excision to achieve optimal results. Excessively stretched and sagging skin will usually require this approach. Qualified cosmetic surgeons in St Charles will make incisions inconspicuous as possible.
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