What is Digital Marketing | What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Digital Marketing | What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Now if you re doing anything related to online advertising or starting an internet business. You are doing digital marketing. it s kind of useful to know what all of these different weird terms mean And I m going to be defining some of these big terms in this article to help educate yourself. What do all these weird terms mean? What s the difference between content marketing and digital marketing or native advertising and online advertising. All of these things are like kind of big terms and they have maybe very nuanced differences But if you re going into starting an internet business. It will be useful to be able to speak the jargon to I don t know to be able to converse with other people who have internet businesses as well. And also help you figure out what you re looking forward to you know to start your business or take your business to the next level. Many students have Questions like How to choose Digital Marketing Institute in Nangloi. Digital marketing has a great and amazing scope in the future. It’s actually a job title Director of digital marketing or VP of digital marketing And digital marketing encompasses all these other aspects of marketing.

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

Content marketing, online advertising,  native advertising,    marketing automation, email marketing online PR and affiliate management. But what do these other terms stand for Now if you re starting an internet business? you may be thinking yourself why the heck do I need to know what all these weird terms stand for But it is important. Because if you don t know how to speak the jargon if you don’t know how to speak the language of internet businesses there s a good chance you won’t be very successful. If you can’t speak the language you re not going to do well in the country its just a fact. So I m going to define these different terms based on my own research and also my own understanding having worked years and years in Internet businesses. I’ve been running my own internet business full time since and I’ve been working in the industry.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

My business does million dollars per year I don t have any employees Who do this weird thing called affiliate marketing. But I m not going to go into that today I m going to be explaining what everything means here Digital marketing. As I said kind of is more of an umbrella term it encompasses a lot of these different aspects of marketing Now what content marketing is basically proliferating your content on YouTube  Instagram podcasting blogs etc. It’s getting your content out there So it is really just kind of a top level of the fun thing.  If you look at marketing as you know a funnel and this is the ways people hear about you.

  • Content marketing is you know putting content up on the Instagram You know maybe they re you know for me they re little motivational quotes or on Twitter Again motivational quotes Or on YouTube.
  • Now online advertising: What is this is the management of online ads typically on Facebook Google and YouTube Again. Use the main platforms for advertising but you can be advertising anywhere on the internet.
  • It can encompass a lot of other different things that Online advertising can also encompass this one. This is where it gets confusing Some of these terms are not mutually exclusive right So native advertising is when you re advertising articles online.

Specifically when you re advertising articles online using ad networks such as out brain or tabouleh or the other native ad networks. Post locker dome native ads com content ad Rev content are some of the major native ad networks  Now if you don t know what any of this means that s fine. You re probably new to marketing or you just don t work with native advertising.  But if you’ve been working in online advertising and been running internet businesses for a while it might be useful to know that have advertising because it is a huge way to get new customers.

Especially if you have a very broad product that can be marketed on a broad basis. Native advertising is the very business to consumer Marketing automation is kind of a subset of you know obviously of digital marketing.  But marketing automation is working with software tools to actually automate all these processes in your own marketing and a lot of these things can be job titles and major corporations.  Okay, You can be the director of marketing automation or marketing automation whatever person. But this is a very important role to understand this is working with CRM such as Infusionsoft or Salesforce or philosophy or whatever you know.

Whatever CRM is you re actually working with It s very important to know how to automate a lot of your marketing processes. Many companies such as mine you know I m running a one man show.  But we do marketing on across so many different platforms I’m marketing on SMS text message using call loop. Digital Marketing is a full-time job because there s you know in complex marketing campaigns And companies that do marketing as their bread and butter. You need to be able to understand how to tie all these systems together. So they work very effectively together so that you can better sell and market and inform customers about whatever product you have to offer.

Email Marketing: Facts you should know

Email marketing is simply the writing sequences of different email campaigns. Now for instance in my business, we have an email campaign which we send for days. Depending on what the customer does or what the prospect does We have different emails that we send each person It s very important to write our emails accordingly. And also to optimize our emails based on open rates Based on click-through rates Based on even deliverability rates.

  • All of these are important within email marketing And for somebody to understand all these aspects you have to really understand how it works.
  • Now online PR is an interesting one right. This is a very new term But in public relations, our publicity that you gather online is increasingly important.
  • People are more often turning to online news blogs and Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to find out about new products that enter the market. They are turning to magazines or newspapers or TV news stations.

How to earn by Affiliate Marketing:

So being able to effectively understand how to reach out to places that have audiences online and get them to run a story on you is very important and its actually something. An affiliate program is managing the different affiliates that promote your program on a commission-only basis. Now for a company like Uber Uber has thousands or tens of thousands of different affiliates that market Uber to customers and I’m one of them And they need affiliate managers to talk to all the people like me to get them to inform their audiences  of the bonuses or specials or discounts or promotions that they have going on  that week or month or year.

  • Whatever that is So affiliate management is a very important part of many companies businesses I personally run my own affiliate program.
  • I do all of my own affiliate management We have over a thousand affiliates that promote my product on Clickbank the super affiliate system every single month. We pay out a couple hundred thousand dollars every month to affiliates to market my program.
  • So it works for them it works for me. It’s pretty cool Now overall these are all the roles that kind of fall under digital marketing It s a lot of stuff to stomach. They re kind of complex terms but hopefully this gives you a better understanding of the landscape.

So you can be more effective when you go to Affiliate Marketing.   There to battle to earn those profits for whatever business it is you run or you work.

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