Digital marketing · May 21, 2019

What is a Landing Page? Why Create Landing Page?

If there is one thing to do to significantly increase ROI when investing in marketing, it is definitely creating landing pages.

What is a landing page?

A landing page (literally “landing page”) is a web page that allows you to request a visitor’s information, through a form, so that it can be converted into a lead.

A good landing page is aimed at a particular flow of traffic (like an email campaign) and as such, it can convert leads into a higher percentage of visitors than you could do in other ways.

Why are landing pages so important?

Because directing traffic that comes from advertising, e-mail, or social media to Homepage is a missed opportunity!  If instead you divert the traffic flow to a landing page, you can increase the conversion probability!

I’ll give you an example: imagine you have a Google AdWords ad for one of your best keywords “I have the most beautiful products in the world “. If a user clicks on it and ends up in Homepage, what should he do? Most likely it would come out of the ASAP page!

If, on the other hand, clicking on the listing was directed to a landing page that shows you that your products are actually the best in the world, and that you can download a free guide to the prices of your products, you will certainly know what to do and will be more inclined to fill in the form and then convert.

Now do you understand why creating landing pages is so essential? Now you just have to build one, but don’t worry: here are 5 steps to follow to make a high conversion landing page.

What makes a landing page more effective?

1. Limit navigation

You have made so much effort to bring your targeted traffic to a specific landing page where they should do what you want: I guess you don’t want them to go around the site right now!

At this stage you don’t have to distract people! Limit the number of exits from the landing page so that visitors concentrate on completing the form. A fundamental thing to do this is to hide the bar and the navigation commands of the website only on the landing page.

2. Provide value

Obviously a visitor will never fill out a form from scratch, you have to offer him an offer worth his submission. In our landing pages, in exchange for our visitors’ data, we always offer quality content such as:

  • Free guides, “booklets” in ebook format, which guide, inform and educate those who download them or read them.
  • Videos, multimedia files that always point to instruct and guide, like tutorials. Look, for example, at the tutorial on landing pages.
  • Consultancy, such as site analysis, in order to return an overview of your site and make the user aware of the points in favor and against, and with some tips to improve. Look, for example, at the website analysis request.

As you can see, in the landing page offers, there are constants to entice more visitors to fill in the form:

  1. It must be an educational content.
  2. It must be a useful content.
  3. It must be a quality content.

The user will only have to make the submission, and from there he will be redirected to a thank you page where he can download the promised content.

3. Enable sharing

To reach an even wider audience than you set yourself: add the ability to share the link to the landing page to encourage website visitors to share your content with their audience.

4. Be synthetic

Too many words choke. Especially conversions! The longer and more complex are the landing pages and forms, the more friction you add to the lead conversion process. Keep the form short and simple, and increase the conversion rate!

5. Test, analyze, head again

There is no magic recipe for creating landing pages to be applied to all sites: you have to see which landing page is best suited to yours. Choose a landing page creation tool that allows you to build and test multiple landing pages, and see what works best with insights.

Then, once the data has been analyzed, it will be enough to file and correct where needed: just so you can find the right recipe for your business!

Author Bio:

Hazel graduated from the arts college of London after that she join a top video production companies. She is a professional Digital Marketer and a content generator at Video and Film Production Services Provider in Dubai, UAE. She has a vast experience in this filed.