What Code of Ethics an Adult Cosmetic Circumcision Surgeon must Follow?

When you want any kind of service provided to you; what is the first thing you check? Definitely the authenticity of the job and examine whether the person who will provide it is well qualified and follow certain guidelines that are a part of his job description.

So when it comes to having adult cosmetic circumcision, the most important thing to do is to observe whether the surgeon you want to have the surgery done is following the code of ethics that is essential for the surgeon to follow. If you see that this code is not being followed or anyone point has been missed out then doesn’t trust the surgeon.

Adult Cosmetic Circumcision:

Children, as well as adults all around the world, are circumcised for religious and medical reasons. But there are very few who have neither religious nor medical issues of having the procedure. They only have it purely for cosmetic reasons. They just want their penis to look more attractive. There can be various arguments to it; the person feels complex when his friends discuss it or he himself has an idea that his penis is not attractive. Whatever causes may be there are many surgeons who are well educated to conduct the procedure.

What Facilities the Surgeon must have?

Along with appropriate qualification, the surgeon must provide the best facility for the patient to ensure that the environment is safe and hygienically clean. The tools must be sterilized or disposable ones can be used to stop the spread of infectious diseases from one person to another. All types of instruments that are used for various methods of circumcision must be readily available. In addition to this, the surgeon, as well as other members of the staff, should be trained to handle any type of situation. Another point to note is that this facility must be there to help everyone.

American Urology Association:

For all surgeons, it is compulsory to be associated with an organization that has significance and is renowned all over the world. So the surgeons who perform circumcision in men are a member of the American Urology Association. This association deals with organs that are classified under the male reproduction. The surgeons associated with it must acquire Bachelor of surgery, Bachelor of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, only then a surgeon is deemed qualified to do a surgical procedure.

Code of Ethics Surgeons must follow:

All surgeons have to follow the specific code or a guideline so that they are at their best behavior and provide excellent services to the patients. Those who don’t abide by the rules are considered to be unworthy. Circumcision Center is one of many that have well-qualified staff and they obey the ethical code set by the American Urology Association.

Continuous Education:

The surgeon must always be ready to learn new and better techniques of circumcision. This is important because not all patients like the old ways of surgery and they want to explore the latest ideas and methods. So the surgeon should keep studying about the latest technologies that can make surgery easier and can help reduce the pain of the operation.

Keep Patient’s Info Secret:

During the Hypocritical Oath that all doctors take, it is a part of the oath that he/ she will at all cost will not share information about the patient to anyone except for the caretakers and concerned people. The confidentiality of patient and doctor is the most vital of all duties. If the info is to be uploaded or shared on the internet then the consent of the patient is necessary and not mentioning the name at all.

Uphold a Professional Attitude:

What is the true definition of having a professional attitude? It has a very broad meaning in which the surgeon portrays a good moral character. He does use his legal authority but makes sure that he is not exaggerating from his limits. He shows sympathy and empathy to the patients but maintaining a distance between the patients.

Provide the best care:

The clinic in which he practices must provide all the basic facilities which are needed for pre, during and post operation care. If the clinic or center has no facilities then it the duty of the surgeon to arrange it for the patient.

The patient is informed:

It is the duty of the surgeon to keep the patient informed of each and every step of the procedure. It will be negligence on the part of the surgeon to hide any important info regarding any progress or complication that can occur.

Not Showing Biases:

Racism is spread at a very fast speed around the world. But it is only the doctors, surgeons and caretaker staff who don’t participate in such outrages activities. They must treat all if their patients are equally regardless of race and color of their skin.

Respect for Desires of the Patient:

An excellent adult cosmetic circumcision is the one who has respect for the desires of his patients. If a person desires to have the operation under local anesthesia then the doctor has to use it or if the patient tells to use a certain method of the procedure then the surgeon must use that.

You can see that being a doctor and especially a surgeon is the most difficult job to do because someone’s life is all depends on the surgeon.

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