What Are The SEO Aspects Of Drupal Website Development?

What Are The SEO Aspects Of Drupal Website Development?

Drupal development services can help your business thrive in many ways. SEO is one of the most important aspects of any website, and with proper SEO, you will be able to find the right balance between functionality and optimization. The key points about Drupal development services are: 

  • You can find some companies which offer free drupal installation 
  • There are various modules that allow SEO optimization of HTML titles, keywords, description tags, etc. 
  • Setting up a Drupal site with the necessary SEO requirements will also help you to rank higher in Google search engine rankings.

Drupal offers incomparable scalability for most of its applications and high functionality in various aspects and the one of main things that make it stand out is SEO-friendly Aspects.

Moving Towards Better SEO With Drupal Development Services. 

The birth of Drupal, back in the year 2001, has been one of the most significant contributions to open-source web development and continues to be so to date. There are many Drupal Companies in India that provide competent services. Today it is a widely used platform for many types of websites including business portals, community networks, information services, etc. It also supports mobile apps that can be downloaded from various online stores. The most popular module for on-page SEO is the All in One SEO Pack. The All in One SEO Pack will optimize your HTML and XML titles, keywords, description tags, robots tags, and many more to help your site get higher rankings with search engines. Drupal 7 has an integrated social networking feature that allows you to connect with all your friends who are also using Drupal as their website platform. This module integrates the Drupal website with Facebook, Twitter, and many others.  Setting up Google Analytics is one of the most essential steps towards improving the SEO of your website.

Global Redirect Module:

Sometimes your website has two different URLs with the same content published on them. Therefore, in order to make a better SEO for your website and bring it up the rankings, you need to get rid of one URL. This is achieved by choosing a canonical link that will point Google’s crawlers towards a single version of the content.

Pathauto Module:

Whenever you are creating a web page it will create a URL that is understandable by humans. For example,  www.random.com/node/5 makes less sense than www.random.com/seo-friendly/.

Page title module:

The text that is shown at the highest point of your page that assists the users with recognizing what data that specific page contains is called the page title. This module allows you to set label titles which is an important aspect of SEO. 

XML Sitemap Module:

It allows the search engine to find errors and other glitches on the website that may be invisible to humans. Drupal provides a module called XML Sitemap, which automatically generates and stores an XML sitemap for any Drupal website.

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