Education · July 9, 2021

What are the main problems faced by English learners?

online english language Tuition

The online English language is amongst the most popular languages to study, and it is possibly the most used language on the planet. Many students learn this language to improve their job prospects or to improve communication with people from all over the world. Although online english language learning is a widespread language in the world, that does not mean it is an easy language to acquire. There are numerous problems that people experience when learn English online, and if you are aware of these issues ahead of time, you will have a much better chance of understanding the language with Ziyyara.

 At Ziyyara, tailored online english languages courses experts who are highly qualified and knowledgeable teach through english online language classes. All of the English online language tutor come from India’s top institutes as well as the best schools around the country. The majority of the online english language course teachers have also taught online. All tutors in Ziyyara’s online classes have extensive experience. 

 Difficulties faced by students while learning English

 The Limited Practice Environment

 Practice makes perfect and you must’ve heard this saying before. When it comes to linguistic difficulty for best online english language courses, it is more accurate. Do you find conversing with native speakers to be daunting and frightening? You are not alone in finding it difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with colloquial expressions. Creating a positive learning environment with the help of Online English courses for yourself is a fantastic place to start.

 Many students might benefit from online foreign language courses or with an English tutor online to assist them to overcome the challenges of learning English. It creates a more secure and private setting for pupils to venture outside of their comfort zones.

 Grammar Difficulties for Students

The grammar, which is the foundation of online English languages, can be difficult to grasp. The following are some of the challenges that people frequently face:

  • Tenses 
  • Words with various definitions, such as the term “class”
  • Pronunciation
  • Verb-subject agreement

 The list could go on and on. For first-time learners, best online english language learning challenges in other areas such as reading and understanding idioms are often problematic. Reading and listening are important tools for overcoming this problem. According to an english online language tutor, the learning environment is the most crucial component for students who want to learn english online.

Unqualified english tutor online

This is the most serious and underappreciated issue. The fact that many best english language courses make it tough to identify who is a good english online language tutor and who isn’t makes this problem even more difficult to tackle. The learner will accept anything the teacher says, whether it is correct or erroneous.

The class is dominated by strong students

There will always be differences in how much kids know and how rapidly they can learn english online, no matter how effectively they are categorized. Setting the class speed to keep up with the fastest pupils will leave the slower students behind. Weaker students should not be overlooked in debates and activities in the online english languages courses.

Comprehension of what is being spoken

You can have a strong command of a foreign language and be able to communicate effectively in it with online foreign language courses. This does not, however, guarantee that you will comprehend native speakers when they speak. Listening comprehension is a typical issue in english online language classes. Students may or may not have been introduced to Online English courses based on where they have got the best online english language learning. If they are ready to learn the online english language learning, it’s likely that they want their english tutor online to have the same accent.

Listening and reading 

Many languages are phonetic, which means that words are spelled in the same way they sound and vice versa. There are typically a set of clear guidelines in best online english language courses or exceptions to typical pronunciations when a language isn’t spelled precisely how it’s pronounced.

The most effective technique to overcome this barrier through an online english language course is to just become accustomed to speaking the language with your tutor. Learning resources that contain audio and transcripts in best english language courses will be quite useful in this situation. Consider using an English audio resource from online english languages courses. Listen to it numerous times without looking at the subtitles. After that, do your best to jot down what you believe you heard. This will not only help you become more familiar with different word spellings and online English languages, but it will also help you improve your listening abilities.

How Ziyyara help with online english language course

Strong educational background of teachers

The online foreign language courses teachers at Ziyyara have degrees from prestigious Indian institutions such as IITs, NITs, AIIMS, and KVs. Tuition fees charged by best online english language courses are only one-third of what usually charge in best english language courses.


Audio-video slideshows, excel spreadsheets, images, PDFs, animations, and Youtube videos via virtual whiteboard make english online language classes far easier to read than offline home tuition.

1-to-1 live classes with Online English courses teacher

Because there is only one student in the class, 1-to-1 Live Classes with online english language learning provide a personalized learning experience for the student, with complete individual attention from the english online language tutor, especially tailored to the student’s particular learning goals and learning pace in the class.

Comfort & safety

Students do not need to travel to Delhi or Kota because the online english language courses are accessible through Ziyyara at ridiculously affordable charges. Students save time, money, commuting, housing, and food costs by enrolling in english online language classes with an english tutor online. Second, online programs address issues such as homesickness, safety, and security, which are particularly important for female students.

Anytime anywhere learning

You can obtain live tutoring from the online foreign language courses anytime, anywhere based on your Online English courses capacity. Ziyyara team works with you and your best english language courses tutor to set up weekly lesson plans. Educators and administrators discuss and approve their weekly class schedules together. Teachers and students can conveniently carry out the e-learning procedure via the best online english language courses at Ziyyara’s online english language course in this way.