Digital marketing · January 20, 2020

What are the Common PPC Mistakes a Construction Company Shouldn’t Do?

Stay away from doing these common PPC mistakes in construction marketing

When it comes to online marketing for construction companies, many industry bigwigs think it is time-consuming and involves a lot of money. Indeed, digital marketing strategy especially for construction companies consumes time and is a slow process. But it is a bullet-proof marketing technique as per the current world. With Google being the one source for everything and anything, PPC marketing for construction companies is the need of the hour. In this article, get to know common PPC mistakes a Construction Company shouldn’t do to save money.

1. Not bidding on long-tail keywords

Yes, your PPC expert is ready with the campaign and is focussing on targeted keywords, but did he/she focus on other variation of keywords. It’s very important to not ignore variations, especially long-tail keywords when conceptualizing PPC bid strategy. The number one benefit of using long tail keywords is that one has to spend less on pay per click. Here is an example. If your target keyword is: “Contractor services in Florida”. You can have following variations in keywords:

  • construction contractor services
  • contractors reporting services
  • florida contractor services
  • general contracting services
  • best contracting services

Consider your best 50-60 keywords and come up with 100-120 variation long-tail keyword to cash in on your keyword strategy.

2. Forgetting monitoring and optimizing after setting the PPC campaign

You will find many PPC experts who think that once the campaign is up and running, their job is almost done. That’s why it’s always suggestible to rely on a construction marketing agency for your digital marketing requirements. The reason behind it is once you set your campaign, it’s the start of other tasks to be followed soon after. A PPC specialist for construction company can’t afford to miss it. Here are the major considerations when it comes to PPC campaign strategy for a construction company:

a. Monitoring of the campaign

It has to be done in the daily basis even when you know that there is no remarkable progress. Keep in mind that you are spending money daily so look for these:

  • Check CPC for increase
  • Low CTR’s
  • Irrelevant Search Terms
  • Non-performing keywords
  • Sudden increase in clicks


b. Optimizing campaign performance

With the thorough monitoring of the ad, you will get data. And that data will help you in several stages of campaign optimization. Here’s the list:

  • Pull out the performing keywords into their adgroups and increase CTR.
  • Do create new ad copy to do split test.
  • Do apply negative keywords to the adgroups which makes sure that your ad continues to be relevant.

c. Campaign Strategy budgeting and changes

You do care for what is performing and what is not. Make a decision accordingly and as per the budget. Optimizing campaign without enough data is a strict no no. However, do note the less-performing ads because money is getting spent on them. Each month you can take a larger look at what’s performing and what’s not and make decisions on your strategy. The more budget you’re working with the quicker this can be done. What you can do?

  • As discussed before, concentrate on expanding the keyword list.
  • Set new campaigns and don’t rely on previous ones
  • Also try new campaign types
  • Bidding is crucial for campaign strategy, revise it.

Optimizing the PPC campaign can be a regular process. One step at a time.

3. Ignoring the Google Search term report

The way people have started conducting searches is more intelligent now. It’s evident that long-tail keywords and question-form keywords are popular in searches. However, going by the topics those searches are not relevant too. To know the mystery behind the money spent on your campaign, you ought to have your search term report handy. Go to your Google Ad account and in Campaigns section come to Search terms. It shows all the search terms people are looking for that is making your ad display on their searches. The report can give you keywords that need to go from the campaigns. Suppose you are bidding on your brand name and searches are about some other company with the same name, you need to change it. The ads are not for that purpose.

4. Don’t fight for number one slot

This is a revelation which has shocked may marketers, and if you notice it, you will also be shocked. Well this is quite factual that being number #1 ad in paid search results comes with a great price. Obvious you have paid a lot per click and the keyword is broader. Being on top has its perks as there will be more visitors, but since the keyword is broader, chances are visitors are not in the final stage of buying or willing to do business right away. So, being on top shouldn’t be your ultimate goal, you will notice that being on third spot also has great results in terms of conversions and getting more leads.

5. Landing page worth not landing!

Ask yourself a question, is your landing page worthy of welcoming a prospect. An irrelevant landing page can cost you a bomb. So, whatever you ad copy says should be repeated and enhanced beautifully on the landing page where the visitor has arrived. If your construction company has an offer going on, that offer should also reflect on the landing page. Don’t make landing pages for the hack of it, create it with proper strategy, giving attention to the details required as here the customer is going to make a decision, a decision to do business with you.

6. Not creating ads that are interesting

It’s the most common mistakes, PPC advertisers do, creating a bland ad. Why? It suited their keyword strategy or they wanted to sound serious and formal. Whatever be the reason, make your ads interesting. You can see a revolution the way ads are now being conceptualized for TV, they are not just interesting, but quirky and humanize the brand. Likewise, your word-based Google ads should speak to your target audience. Make it crisp with call to action. Analyse your competitors, and choose to go off beat to stand apart from the rest.

7. Noticing unfair practice and not reporting it to Google

Well, this is something no one is willing to do. It’s rampant because people in business mean business and there will competitors who are indulging in unfair practices. You will see brands having two-three accounts and having more than one ad on the Google search result page at the same time. Do report such an act to Google. This will help your business and also don’t follow their way as this kind of practice is strictly against the rules of the search engines.

8. Not using the brand name as keyword

It happens, many ads don’t include the brand name as the keyword. Doesn’t matter if your brand name doesn’t reflect the kind of business you do, it is essential for brand recognition to add brand name in the ad copy. Some include it in the main title, others prefer to mention in the copy. If you are a known brand, then people are already searching for your brand online and remember your competitors perhaps are also using your brand. You can also use their name, a smart idea to track your competitor’s online whereabouts. Be careful with competitors using your name as they can walk away with your clients. Know more: How to Use PPC to Build Up Your Construction Business


Unlike SEO and SMM, PPC ad campaigns can get tricky and need proper analysis. Thus these common PPC mistakes a Construction Company shouldn’t do to strike gold. As pointed out earlier, for a construction company that is active 24×7 and has less to with the digital world rather physical world, putting the onus of PPC strategy on a digital agency is the safe bet. Don’t look anywhere when it is about PPC services for construction company that is your identity, your pride. CMGurus boasts certified Google AdWords experts to help your brand cement its position online.