What Are The Best Type Of Windows?

What Are The Best Type Of Windows?

Windows are used in almost every residential or commercial construction and have become a very common feature or rather just another feature. Let’s not undermine the impact it has on a room. Let’s consider a room with no window, the only light one would be getting from is a bulb, no sunlight no exterior view whatsoever, what a dull life that would be, isn’t it?

While constructing or renovating a home the size, position, as well as type of window and its frame would be the primary task. Since the right choice can result in higher efficiency, better lighting conditions, and a psychological balance. An ideal type would be a custom picture window combined with sliding panels which can provide ample aesthetics, scenic view, and ventilation.

While working on my own home, I came across a wide range of windows to go for. Here is the list of the top 5 windows that can help you in increasing your room aesthetics.

Double Hung Windows

Source – Window World

Double-hung windows are similar to a single hung window with both lower and upper sach being movable. The sach is tilted out for easy cleaning and repair. A double-hung window costs around $500. A wooden double-hung window is a bit more expensive. These windows are the most common windows used by homeowners.

Custom Picture Windows

Custom picture windows are ideal for simple and minimalistic framing giving a breathtaking view. This type of window lets plenty of natural light into the heart of your home. They are available in a variety of design, shapes, colours and sizes according to your preferences. Custom Picture Windows are also combined with standard casement or sliding windows for providing a view with proper ventilation.

Window World
Source – Window World

One should definitely give custom picture windows a thought as it will check all the requirements of a house owner. These windows will cost you between $250 to $900.

Arched Windows

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Arched windows have a full-length opening with a round top to accentuate your architectural aspects in your home decor. Arched windows usually don’t open or close and are thus installed with standard windows to provide ventilation. Arched windows costs from $325 to $500.

Round Circle Window

Source – Modernize

Round, semicircular, elliptical, etc – many different shapes come under this category which gives an inventive look to your home that is anything but monotonous. The circular window gives a touch of historic and elegant decor. These windows cost from $300 to $800.

Casement Windows

Window World
Source – Window World

Casement windows are the most commonly used windows. The core reason behind it is their aesthetic aspect while being thoroughly practical to use. These windows can be opened out to the side or upwards. Due to this, you can opt for a single or double solid glass windowpane that can be used to minimize the obstruction for a scenic view. Since the windows can be opened, it prevents the cost of combining them with other window types like arched windows making them economical as well. Casement windows costs from $250 to $700.

Apart from this, a wide range of window types is available in the market. So, how do you choose what is best for you?

While choosing any home decor product your functionality becomes the core while taking a decision. Similarly, the type of window you choose should be reflective of the functional spect that space needs to carry out. For living areas where aesthetics and functionality need to go in hand, you can go for custom picture windows. For bedrooms, a casement window can be a good choice enabling ample views as well as privacy. For porches, enclosed balconies, etc an arched window can do wonders to your space.

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